Friday, July 20, 2007

Telly behind bars

Ad for Sanyo Ultra thin and slim TV. I just don't really see the connection with the barcode, so i will try to give my explanation for it... Since the barcode has no code on it, then i guess we can start seeing it plainly as a bunch of lines (or try to). In that case the message is that it's so thin it fits between these lines. The art direction is not bad at all, but the concept needed something more i think. That copy really is just saying what you can already see, maybe it was not needed. But still there's something nice about it... guess it's the minimal visuals that i always prefer :-)

Client: Sanyo
Art Director: Siju S Nair

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V said...

line = (ultra) thin funda is (over)used .. either in bar code or in notebook lines! so a thumbs down for this one!

kash said...

this idea was done before for an indian watch company. got in the one show