Friday, November 30, 2007

Papa was a rolling stone...

Again an "old-timers" campaign done by Energy BBDO in Chicago. Although these visuals are rapidly repeated, looks like it gets more interesting each time :-) In 2008 it will be Canadian's Club 150th anniversary, so these ads are out to celebrate this. The result is nice by using candid photos of "dads" from past decades. All these men, ofcourse drank Canadian Club and had as a result, becoming cool ;-) I found the copy very good too, It's worth every penny. The photos shown are actually true ones... You can even see Dan Tullio in one of them, which is Canadian Club's global brand ambassador! I think that it's a "cool" and pretty emotional campaign after all. Have to go over my pap's pics again now, just in case he was a flower-power guy too (and that could really explain some things).

Client: Canadian Club Whiskey
Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago
Creative Director: Derek Sherman / Jason Stanfiel
Copywriter: Derek Sherman
Art Director: Jason Stanfield
Photographer: Robert Whitman

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