Saturday, December 8, 2007

A beer called Stella & the true heroes

Beautiful art direction and copy-writing is done in this campaign for Stella Artois Beer, made in Sweden! It looks like movie's overproduction poster :-) What it says and shows, is that people in Leuven (an old Flemish duchy in centre Belgium) back in the year 1366, believed in some bad omens and became superstitious about them. Therefore, when they were out to brew the best beer, they had to deal with great dangers! But that was not really a problem for these heroic people. Defying all warnings, they sacrificed themselves and finally brought to us the perfect beer! I liked it very much so I'm setting-out the copy from the first ad posted here. Check out the others too...

"Welcome to 1366. Over 600 years ago, people saw the world with different eyes. The risk of falling of the end of the world was an ever-present danger. So when the people of Leuven set out to brew the perfect beer, their long journeys to find the finest hops were considered an act o bravery. We still believe today what they believed back then. Perfection has its price."

Client: Stella Artois
Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm
Creative Director: Matthew Bull
Copywriter: Hakan Engler / Johan Holmstrom / Mats Brun
Art Director: Rickard Villard / Tim Scheibel / Johan Tesch / Kalle dos Santos
Illustrator: matte painter
Photographer: Jean-Marie Vives

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Bruno said...

Great art direction.

harry said...

amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...


Zed said...

Hey, no need for shouting my friend ;-) Ok, I understand it can be disturbing for some of you. That makes me think seriously about dropping it as soon as the new year arrives (that's in 20 days). A poll will be set and Democracy will decide. :-)