Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Grandma's Duck cooking :-)

A "made in Greece" ad by McCaan Erickson showing a traditional Greek village Grandma, working in the fields. The oddity here is that she wears a "I love New York" T-Shirt! The copy claims: "No matter how many foreign things come into our life, nothing foreign will ever come into our cooking. Vlahas. The only Greek evaporated milk". I must add here that this is much true, considering Mediterranean & Greek traditional cuisine among our favourites :-) And before somebody asks "how come milk in food?", he must know that evaporated milk is used as a base for many traditional Greek food instead of cream. "Vlahas" is a very old dairy product and used the slogan "Raises strong children" for many years. This is a funny new approaching. The brand's word "Vlahas", means a village woman itself (some sort of a hill-billy or a bumpkin, but not necessarily in a rude way). Oh, how I miss my Grandmothers pies :-(

Vlahas Evaporated Milk
Agency: McCann Erickson, Athens
Creative Director: Anna Stilianaki
Copywriter: Eleftheria Petropoulou
Art Director: Yannis Lapatas
Photographer: Apeiron

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