Sunday, December 2, 2007

Keep going

Young and Rubicam in Dubai has proved that they do very good work in the past... Continuing that good reputation is the making of this campaign for Rhino Energy Drink. They used athlete's hands (Biker, Skier and Swimmer), showing them calculating the distance they will cover, making it look as a short distance! All that ofcourse is just a benefit of the Rhino drink that gives you plenty of energy. The copy claims: "No sweat". Good going.

Rhino Energy Drink
Agency: Team Y&R, Dubai
Creative Director: Shamir Ahmed

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s4ur4bh said...


Same idea has already been done for an Indian Fuel Brand.

The gist was that you could drive the "extra" mile with the more efficient fuel.


Zed said...

Well it sounds really the same the way you say it. This is also supposed to be a fuel for the body. But again it could just be a coincidence.