Friday, December 7, 2007

Krypto the Superdog!

A simple smart and straight idea coming from Austria, where we see a dog here trying to hide his bone, but instead of choosing an dirt earth ground to dig, he starts digging on the first surface available! Now if that turns out to be an asphalt road... that's no big deal. This dog is strong enough to dig anywhere, cause he's grown with Pedigree. As the copy also claims: "For strong dogs". Made my lips draw a smile :-)

Agency: TBWA, Vienna
Creative Director: Robert Wohlgemuth / Gerd Turetschek / Elli Hummer
Copywriter: Karin Schalko
Art Director: Jeff Stenzenberger
Photographer: Andreas Franke
Illustrator: Fanni Kovacs

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1 comment:

Bruno said...

well done. I love it. :)