Thursday, December 6, 2007

Love in a Bus-Stop

The way I see it, Sweden is doing very well in advertising lately. I found this outdoor very tasty and interesting. Haven't seen it done before in this way. As long as it is daytime, all you see is a typical soft drink ad showing the pack-shot and the logo... but when night arrives, it becomes more interesting and unique, making it a true guerrilla one :-) A second hidden light effect, makes a shadow of two persons become visible and makes you think that they are having some love-moments behind the ad, while waiting for that bus to arrive. Must be a big surprise to find out that no-one is actually there! It's also possible that you wouldn't approach that bus stop, if you are a discreet person and don't want to spoil their moment ;-) Very good use of media!

MER Softdrink
Agency: Storakers McCann, Stockholm
Copywriter: Mia Cederberg
Art Director: Mitte Blomqvist
Photographer: Ragnhild Fors / Folio Management

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