Saturday, December 22, 2007

My best wishes...

I don't really like posting ads I made, but since it is Christmas, I wanted to share one with you. This will be the last ad posted here for this year... I will return next year with more. It's for a client of ours, that has a Motorcycle Store wishing "merry Christmas" to his clients, but I don't think the visuals are that bad (looks a bit different from the usuals, since green is missing). The copy translated to English says: "We remain on the top of your choices. For that we thank you and wish you all happy holidays"... So I also wish the same to all you out there... Have a wonderful Xmas time and may 2008 bring you all, whatever it is you desire most and thank you all once again for supporting this blog. Personally I hope for one thing most: "Health" for all the world. I know it sounds as a "cliche", but it is sooooo true no-matter what! All the best to all of you. See you in January 8th.

Moto Vinios
Agency: Mototech S.A., Athens
Copywriter: George Kribenis / Takis Zigourakis
Art Director: Takis Zigourakis
Photographer: StockXchng

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Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o: