Monday, December 10, 2007

The roof is on fire!

Another self promo ad that is done in Thailand. When I saw this I could swear it has not been retouched at all (that was of course before I read the credits). I thought it was pure photography, showing the real pencil with a hole in its head, were smoke was actually really coming out of it. I never believed I can be tricked like that. Now speaking about the concept, I must say that it doesn't feel as a very original idea, but I like the execution very much and the way it looks, reminding you a still smoking volcano, when all it wants to say is that their pencils are on fire. A good creative symbolism in the matter of speaking.

Asatsu Thailand
Agency: Asatsu, Bangkok
Copywriter: Somboon Wongsuttilert
Art Director: Romerun Chueawongprom
Retoucher: Presto Bangkok
Typographer: Presto Bangkok

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