Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SMS message = Priceless!

An "ask oneself" campaign for Cordaid, proving that Dutch think good. The ads show poor Africans, posing for the cam, together with white people's comfort objects, such as hand bags, sun glasses, beer and after shave. Things that are not necessarily useless, but mean nothing to them. The campaign compares prices of these things, with other more vital for these people, just to explain us how much we spend for beauty products, instead of saving some lives. We're all aware of that I guess, but this message comes strongly, thanks to the great photography done here. Really makes you realize, that by sending only 1 Text Messages (as they ask us to), you can supply to them 50 liters of fresh water... something they cannot afford as we lucky "Caucasians" can. Less than 3 messages, and they can eat for 1 week. Imagine that!

Client: Cordaid / People in Need
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Amsterdam
Creative Director: Magnus Olsson
Art Director: Tim Bishop
Photographer: Carl Stolz

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