Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stuck in the middle with you!

This is a 2 in 1 combination of a print ad campaign and a guerrilla. I find it very hard to explain cause I feel a bit inconvenient here but I will try to :-/ Although I'm sure the target group it is aiming for, will understand it at once! These spreadsheet ads were published this month in Argentina for Hombre Men's Magazine with both pages glued together. This fact forced the readers to tear them apart, having as a result white "teared" spots left on both pages. You can see this result on the ads posted above. I know it is somehow gross, but it's also a very original idea and after all, having such an experience is something you just can't forget. Personally i would feel disgusted seeing and holding these ads in my hands, but I'm sure it would make me laugh after the first shock. Now, I don't really have to say what this glue used here, is supposed to be, do I? Let's just say that it reminds you your early ages, when you were sneaking into your older brothers bedroom, discovering his porno-mag under his mattress... Don't worry, it's fine, as long as you didn't forget it in the bathroom ;-) The line is nice and it claims: "Hombre magazine. That's us." Sounds good, like "take it or leave it" It's just human nature anyway!

P.S: Incase you guys are wondering, the girls names are: "Wanda", "Evangelina", "Jessica" & "Sabrina".

Client: Editorial Perfil / Hombre Magazine
Agency: Leo Burnett, Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Pablo Capara / Sebastian Olivieri
Copywriter: Carolina Mendez
Art Director: Diego Salas

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