Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sweet Life-Saver

A nice and clear visual for Zero Sweetener, done in India. The simple photography is looking light as it should. It somehow reminds me of a "Life-Savers" caramels ad, but without sugar! The copy reads: "Get saved from extra calories"... Now I'm not really sure the use of the word "save" was necessary, since the image is clear enough (felt like a repetition) . I would prefer something like "don't drown in calories" for example (at least in Greek it sounds better), but that is just a thought of mine. The fact that the life-saver represents also the number "0" is nice too. I always like minimalistic work.

Client: Zero Calorie Sweetener
Agency: Enthof Solutions, Mumbai
Creative Director: Harshik Suraiya
Copywriter: Sangeeta
Art director: Harshik Suraiya
Photographer: Nilesh Sing

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