Saturday, December 8, 2007

Xmas is all around...

Have you seen the 2003 movie "Love actually"?... It's definitely among my Christmas favourites, with "It's a wonderful life" done in 1946 by Frank Capra on the top of my list.
I loved the story going on in Love actually (the characters are very well done) along with its music. If you've seen it you must remember the song "Christmas is all around" sang by Bill Nighy, that was playing the character of Billy Mack, an old "looser" punk-rock singer, that readjusted the "Love is all around" song, first sang by the Troggs and later by Wet-wet-wet. Billy mack tried to make a big hit out of this song, converting it into a Xmas version :-)
So, If you haven't, go find it in your nearest local DVD store. I'm sure you'll love it too. It's a "must see" movie for these days. Advert eyes will try to catch up with the spirit of these days too. Starting from next week, I'll be posting up some Xmas season's ads, just to celebrate and remind us all that it's always good to feel as a kid once in a while ;-)
(I always do by the way).
So feel free to send me in all your Christmas specials :-)

P.S: Enjoy this "weird" Xmas song :-)
Photo by: Richard Sweet

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