Saturday, March 31, 2007

Who's the "copy cat"?

It is quite sad to see this happening... The same product (different brand) advertised exactly the same way.
This is a bad sample of our job that i honestly don't like. I wonder who had the original idea.
My opinion is that goodyear's ad came out first.
Both ads claim that their tyres grip... pitty!

Goodyear Tyres
Agency: McCann Erickson, Belgium
Copywriter: Gregory Defay
Art Director: Laurie Lacourt
Photographer: Bernard Bertrand

Firenza Tyres
Agency: FoxP2, Cape Town
Copywriter: Justin Gomez
Art Director: Andrew Whitehouse
Photographer: Clive Stewart

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Iron made milk...

I can't think of a better way to show that the milk is "iron" enriched. Magnets just keep stuck on it... Brilliant!

Tnuva Milk
Agency: Gitam BBDO, Tel Aviv
Copywriter: Asi Shavit / Romen Saranga
Art Director: Gal Porat
Photographer: Photo-Farage

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Euro 2004 oldies but goodies :-)

These, were ads released both for Absolut Vodka and Durex Condoms in Greece, regarding to the Greek national team, winners of the 2004 Euro cup in Portugal.
The first one made by Adel / Saatchi & Saatchi, Athens, shows the Absolut team and the second one by McCaan Erickson, Athens, thanks the parents of the greek players team for not using their products (in both Greek and English versions). Personally i thank them too, for letting us live that dream and hopefully we will be lucky enough to see unbelievable days like those again :-)

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Beautiful eyelashes

Thanks to my friend Thanassis for sending me this Ad. Made in Spain.

Lancome Paris
Agency: Publicis, Madrid
Copywriter: Mary Luz Sanchez
Art Director: Luis Solero
Illustrator: Joise Luis Mora

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

(Dirty) words... don't come easy!

A campaign for Freedent gum. It claims that everything sounds good with a nice and bright white smile. Does it really? :-/

Client: Freedent gum
Agency: CLM BBDO, Paris
Copywriter: Dimitri Gerasimov
Art Director: Dimitri Gerasimov
Illustrator: Janvier

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Knock, knock, knocking on hungry's door!..

Absolutely stunning concept for pizza delivery promotion in Peru.
A sticker attaches the small leaflet under the door peephole. Once you look, it gives the impression that the pizza boy is out there ready to deliver.
I love this idea that got a lion award in Cannes. I'm sure there'll be more to follow!

Client: Papa John's Pizza
Quorum/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Lima.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Looking for the right job?

Outdoor campaign about having the right job... certainly an award winner!

Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin
Creative Director: Mathias Spaetgens / Jan Leube
Copywriter: Axel Tischer
Art Director: David Fischer
Photographer: Hans Starck

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tide Pen

Nice way to show this Tide Pen... Luckily it leaks for this guy here.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Creative Director: Jim Jacobs / Tony Cranger / Barbara Boyle / Leo Permutico
Copywriter: Menno Kluin
Art Director: Michael Schachtner / Julia Neumann

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Kids Sunscreen Campaign

Ladies and gentlemen, of the Class of '99.... Wear Sunscreen :-)

Photoderm Kid Sunscreen
Agency: Oglivy & Mather, Santiago
Creative Director: Cesar Agost Carrene
Copywriter: Felipe Manalich
Art Director: Claudio Campisto
Photographer: Nicolas Becerra

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Just Imagine...

South Africa "rocks"!.. great work.

Agency: FCB Johanesburg
Creative Director: Brett Morris
Copywriter: Lance Vining
Art Director: Lance Vining / Charles Foley
Photographer: Gerald Turnely

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Cool Lighter Ad

This can at least make you laugh.
The guy looks like he's been forgotten there for a pretty long time :-)
Nice visual that comes from Sweden.

Client: Cricket Lighters
Agency: King, Stockholm
Creative Director: Frank Hollingworth
Copywriter: Patrick Herold
Art Director: Tim Zastera
Photographer: Carl Johan Paulin

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Toys for Boys!

Nice outdoor campaign for toys, for sure it can get your attention.

Client: Toys r us
Agency: Grey Worldwide, Dusseldorf
Creative Director: Florian Meimberg / Torsten Pollman
Copywriter: Torsten Pollman / Claudia Meimberg
Art Director: Florian Meimberg

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Friday, March 23, 2007

No red eyes for rabbits...

This is and Ad that comes from an independent advertising agency in Budapest, Hungary. Shows that it has a built in red-eye fix.
Not bad at all.

Client: Nikon Coolpix L1
Agency: Sylva Ad, Budapest
Creative Director: Gabor Spielmann
Coywriter: Gabor Spielmann
Art Director: Peter Nador
Illustrator: Morpho Communication

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Lipton Tea Outdoor Ad

Pretty smart outdoor advertising that comes from Cairo, Egypt.
The bushes is cut like tea cups and tea bag strings are aded to look exactly like green tea!
I really like this creative outdoor style and i'm glad to see that advertising people never run out of ideas.

Client: Lipton Tea
JWT, Cairo
Creative Director: Fady Chamaa / Hesham Ellaban
Art Director: Bassem Sabry
Photographer: Bassem Sabry

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Scratching poster...

Only the best DJ schools can teach the art of "scratching"... starting from their poster ;-)

Client: Groovearte DJ School
Duda Propaganda, Sao Paolo
Creative Director: Ricardo Braga / Marcelo Kertesz / Fabio Victoria
Copywriter: Gustavo Barcellos
Art Director: Marcelo Maia

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Kid Obelix...

So This is how it all began...little Obelix fell into the milk and not in the "magic filter" :-)
Really funny approaching & great kid!

Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Switzerland
Creative Director: Daniel Comte
Art Director: Willem Baumann / Nicolas Vontobel
Copywriter: Cristoph Ness
Photographer: Julien Vonier

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Levis slim jeans

Client: Levi Strauss & Co India
Agency: JWT India, Mumbai
Creative Director: Senthil Cumar
Copywriter: Karan Amin / Prahlad Nanjappa
Art Director: Hital Pandya / Vivek Kakkad
Illustrator: Nilesh Naik

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Nivea extra soothing sensitive skin

Agency: Draft FCB Germany
Creative Director: Bernd Bender-Asbeck
Copywriter: Arne Konig
Art Director: Mark Freiboth
Photographer: Moritz Nicolaus Schmid

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Zippo Windproof Campaign

Client: Zippo Lighters
Agency: McCann Erickson, Singapore
Art Director: Ivan Hady Wibowo
Copywriter: Craig Rosenthal
Photographer: Jean Leprini

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tv Ads non-wanted :-/

I decided to keep this Blog only for printed and "bellow the line" outdoor smart ads, and not for TV clips. One of the reasons is cause it's more hard to upload them or resize them, and we all know there are tons of them around us, in sites like "youtube"... You can find almost anything there!
Another reason is because personally i believe after all, in love at first sight :-) I am very much - on behalf of - the first impression. I like the "2 sec" time we have to figure out what the "poet" means ;-) Although sometimes it takes more before we turn the page... (that's not bad of course, considering it as an advertising success!). I also think it's more difficult to express the whole concept in a page or two and believe it needs a good co-operation with a photographer or an illustrator. A clever TV spot is not of-course an easy job to do also, but i just can't help admiring the static visuals more... probably cause it takes a lower budget and it's more practicable, from a graphic designers point of view. So i guess i must apologize to all you that would like to see that sort of ads.

Something to wonder about

Posters made for Wonderbra by Creative Director Olivier Altmann.

Client: Wonderbra
Publicis Conseil, Paris
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Copywriter: Olivier Camensuli
Art Director: Frédéric Royer/Yves Sarhadian
Photographer: Vincent Dixon

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Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting :-)

Fell onto this online. Looks nice and smart enough.
Unfortunately i have no info about the art and copy... maybe somebody can help out here?
All I can see is that it comes from New Delhi.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Unforgetable hair

Makes me really wonder... how do people come to these ideas? :-)
Amazing way to show the product. Gives a very fine describing of the hair style and thats all. Doesn't remember anything else :-O

Client: Sunsilk
Agency: JWT Paris
Art Director: Giovanni Settesoldi
Copywriter: Luissandro Del Gobbo
Photographer: Riccardo Bagnoli

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Be Aware

Smart way to tell you to look both sides by simply reading both sides!
This is a non profit ad that comes from portugal (aca-m).
Nice work and direct.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I want to be a designer at the designer's place!!!

This is what you get when dealing with the experts :-)
Very amusing but sadly true also!
Who hasn't such an experience? (pick at least 3),
After all, it's a dirty job but someone has to do it...
Still, we love it.

Cool outdoor Ad...

This is a great Outdoor Ad for Ariel.
The closer you get, the more the stain removes away, only to read at the end: "Cleans as fast as this"

Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Daniel Fierro/Ignacio Zuccarino
Copywriter: Hernan Rebalderia
Art Director: Bruno Acanfora/Santiago Dulce

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inspired idea

Now this is a sample of what i call good communication.
The ad is made by jung von matt agency that is located in Hamburg.
Obviously it is based on Charles C. Ebberts famous photo that was made in 1932, and replaced the workers with a bunch of kids.
Lego was always surprising in adverts but this is really something!

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Well as we say here: "Kali Arhi"

That means "let it be a good starting"...
So here we go with the first posting hope you all find this interesting and wish it will get more interesting on the way.
My English is not the best around, but i will try to communicate in the international (as told) language, so please forgive any kind of mistakes i make.
Hope this will turn out to be some kind of idea depositing bank, for all that are interested into creative ideas.
So please feel free to share any goodies you might have seen or thought of, cause i just guess someone is interested to hear about it. :-)