Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brb. I’m out of here (for 4 days)…

Well it’s about time I can leave for the weekend (haven’t done it for almost 6 months now!) I was just too busy lately. Now the time has come :-) Only that this time, I got Monday off too, and since Tuesday (1st of may) is a holiday here – and I guess in lots of other countries also – (that adds up to 4 days vacation), so I am planning to have a great time. The weather is fantastic here, feels like Summer, so I think I’ll carry with me my bathing suit :-) Excuse me for leaving, but I really need to. I promise to ride carefully and be back on Tuesday evening ;-)… Till then I wish you all a nice weekend and try to have some fun… after all and as I like to say: work to live, don’t live to work… no matter what!... See you soon... (and NO I won’t take a laptop) :-)

Sail away, in pleasure

Another Greek ad, with Greek colors this time...Shows a big ship/cup of Greek Coffee (usually you use a small espresso cup for it). The copy which is in Greek reads: "Huge Coffee" And under it is written "Summer might be over, but the pleasure continues". Reminds me of the holidays i will have soon, travelling by ferrie... no worries, summertime is almost here :-)

Client: Loumidis Coffee
Agency: McCann Erickson, Athens
Creative Director: Despina Ioannidou / Dimitris Dousis
Copywriter: Dimitris Dousis
Art Director: Minas Migdalis

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Too old to rock'n'roll... too young to die!

I like this one, with an old heavy metal guitar player for Hammerite ad. The copy is Greek and it claims: "Good metals, never get old" Meaning they never get rusted. I find it funny but i don't like the font used for the ad and the size of it... could be much better i think without that.

Client: Hammerite
Agency: BBDO, Athens
Creative Director: Theodosis Papanikolaou
Copywriter: Dafni Patrikiou
Art Director: David Kaneen

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Take good care!

Sex is not so safe without taking precautions."Take care" is what condomi brand is telling us, using a pair of flies and frogs to show how dangerous it can be... i had a hard time seeing the crocodile in the first one.

Client: Condomi
Agency: FCB Retail, Vienna
Copywriter: Andreas Gesierich
Art Director: Andreas Gesierich
Photographer: Corbis / Radomir Jedrasiak

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Heaven is a place on Earth

Pretty nice ad... An angel fell to Earth just because a guy was using Axe. Looks like the angel is about to give away her wings for him. Photo is cool.

Agency: Lowe Bull, Johanesburg
Creative Director: Gareth Lessing
Art Director: Tatjana Buisson / Gareth Lessing
Copywriter: PJ Eales
Photographer: Jason R

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Milk makes you stronger

On the first page of the magazine and throughout all the rest, there is the message: “Mum, I had my milk. I’m with the boys, playing football” embossed, as if some kid left a note to his mum, on a page that was pressed against the magazine, and left a deep trace on it. Throughout the whole magazine, in every single page, you can discover these writing traces. The solution to this weird phenomenon comes on the last page of the magazine, with an ad that claims: “Milk makes you stronger”. This really makes you wonder and it is impossible to ignore, cause the embossing makes pages stick together. So the reader is personally involved pulling the pages apart, until he reaches the message!

Agency: GMP, Bucharest
Client: S.C. Carpalat S.A.
Creative director: Emilian Arsenoaiei
Copywriter: Mihai Botarel / Emilian Arsenoaiei
Art Director: Bogdan Voda

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Black & White and Red all over

An ad for Red 96.3 FM radio station in Athens, showing emblems of different classes of people, just to say that they play music for all. I think the visuals are pleasant enough for the eyes.

Client: Red FM Radio Station
Agency: Karamella, Athens
Creative Director: Karvellas Constantinos
Copywriter: Papatsoni Sofia
Art Director: Hatzimihailidou Maria

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Big Brother is (bully)Watching you...

A campaign to fight bullying, among young Londoners was launched. The Mayor's office, the charity Beatbullying and the Association of London Government, aims to raise awareness among children and adults about bullying and show practical steps that can be taken to stop it. Bullywatch London packs, containing stickers, posters, action cards, badges and leaflets were released. The campaign also wants to raise awareness among adults and get them to demonstrate that they are ready to offer practical support to London's youngsters. The poster is eye catching, but it does not remind me much of "combating against bullies"... looks more like "big brother is watching you". What should be achieved here, is not to spy but to act. This gives the impression of the "brazil" movie. I just hope it finally worked... but personally i think it looks spooky with everybody watching in distance. check out their site:

Client: Bullywatch London
Agency: ebb&flow, London
Creative Director: Jon Daniel

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Show Humanity

An ad for APAE Batatais, telling the citizens of Batatais - Brazil (a town in the state of Sao-Paulo), to be more responsible for their community. The ad says: “It’s about time to get your duties out of the closet, help APAE”. APAE is an organization that helps people with mental or physical disability. It also acts for preventing them. APAE stands for: Friends & Parents Association of Exceptional People from Batatais.

Client: APAE Batatais
Agency: Suave Communications & Marketing, Sao Paulo
Creative Director: Gabriel Ferrari
Copywriter: Danilo Chiavoti
Art Director: Alvaro Kitamura / Veridiana Santos / Rodrigo Hayashi
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Great brakes... terrible road!

Dacia Logan is advertising its ABS feature.
Ok i admit it... Dacia seems strange to me (actually i haven't seen one since i was a kid) but the ad is good. I like the "carpet" effect on the road, and the art direction reminds me much of an everyday's life scene, while a ball bounces on the road, and you know there must be a kid running after it.

Dacia Logan
Agency: BBDO Graffiti, Bucharest
Copywriter: Roxana Panaitescu
Art Director: Radu Zaharescu
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Obelix and Popeye dead?

This ad is saying: "Remember your heroes, before it is too late", and it's for Caricature and Cartoon museum basel... Funny? well if it is, it's for sure black humour! Thank goodness it's not Spider-man, i wouldn't accept that ;-)

Caricature & Cartoon Museum Basel
Agency: Scholz & Friends, Zurich
Copywriter: Axel Tischer / Daniel Bodeker
Art Director: David Fischer
Illustrator: Matthias Topfer / Wieslaw Smetek
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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Good looking one for sure! a snow sport ad for Nike ACG. Doesn't have to say much. The photo is nice and the retouching even better :-)

Nike ACG
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam
Copywriter: Oliver Frank
Art Director: Paulo Martins
Photographer: Giles Revell
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Better health insurance...

Bulgarian Vodka with vitamin c... maybe that can be better at least for your liver ;-) Nice visual, looks like a doctor could really use that ampule! The copy reads: "better health insurance". Thank-you Sevie for sending this in, and for the translation :-***

Client: Snait Ltd. (vodka Doctor's - Vodka with Vitamin C)
Agency: Grey Worldwide, Sofia

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Final Destination 1 & 2

A clever "black" way to show how harmful fat is. Through a frying pan and a piece of butter. Might be a bit scary also :-/ What i don't like about this campaign is the use of too much copy, but after all it's a medical ad and most of them are familiar with this sort of writing.

Roche / Xenical
Agency: Paling Walters, London
Creative Director: Frank Walters
Copywriter: Carmel Thompson
Art Director: Adrian Parr
Photographer: Johnathan Knowles
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Express yourself...

Beautiful photography for Lavazza Calendar in Italy. The ad claims "Espress yourself" and uses circus themes. The red color really contrasts great. Very stylish i suppose... Nice.

Client: Lavazza Coffee
Agency: Armando Testa, Milan
Creative Director: German Silva
Art Director: Andrea Lantelme / Haitz Menibil / Riccardo Pagani
Photographer: Erwin Olaf
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Who let the dog out?

The right dog food will keep your pet in shape so you won't it... or your door! :-)

Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Creative Director: Jan Jacobs, Leo Premutico
Art Director: Carmine Coppola
Copywriter: Chuck Pagano
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Espresso latte white coffee drink

From time to time i feel like posting a cool packaging design that's really worth it... Now here is what i call a client that dares! Without caring much about the "empty", space he allowed ING to design a minimalistic bottle for coffee. Wish there were more clients like DyDo out there! Very stylish and simply beautiful. I think it's a great packaging design, that can easily become a collectors item! I don't know if it tastes good, but it sure looks good.Unfortunately no info about this fresh ING team that made it... I would love to know who they are so if anybody can help, please do!

Client: DyDo / Cafe au lait
Agency: ING, Tokyo

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Outdoor scientific campaign :-)

Mairlyn caught my attention for sure :-) this ad is made for Science World...It is a science center offering entertaining and educational experiences to families in Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada. It's a non-profit community resource about curiosity, creativity and learning, by exploring the arts, sciences and technology. Rethinkers in Canada have humour.

Client: Science World
Agency: Rethink, Vancouver
Creative Director: Ian Grais / Chris Staples
Copywriter: Bob Simpson / Rob Tarry
Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Illustrator: Rob Sweetman

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Born to be weird!

Ads released in Ukraine for young and daring student's advertising festival. I kinda like the idea. Doesn't look so unique, but it's good.

Students Advertising Festival
Agency: Leo Burnett, Kiev
Art Director: Klubnikin
Copywriter: Nina Pavluk

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Not for use in an Art Museum

Rowenta vacum cleaners, suck so hard that even the paintings disappear! A different approach from Russia.

Client: Seb /Rowenta
Agency: Publicis United, Moscow
Creative Director: Eugene Radewych
Copywriter: Natalia Pokrovskaya
Art Director: Julia Braikovskaya

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

White lizard puzzle

I wonder if the lizard has turned white cause of the cold, or if it's just trying to hide... either way, you can understand that a cold blooded reptile is in the house (aren't they suposed to be in warm places?) Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's near the ceiling... i'm a bit confused again, and that is obvious :-O The copy tells us: "the evolution of heat insulator Ultra Kool from CPAC roof tiles". any better suggestions?

Client: CPAC Roof Tiles
Agency: Fareast DDB, Bangkok
Creative Director: Phaholrat Nontavatit / Prawech Nisakorn
Art Director: Wutichai Chaometeewut
Copywriter: Apichet Chaikaew / Vanboon Sankhavadhanaa
Illustrator: Surachai Puthikulangkura

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Tell us more...

A campaighn for Carlton beer that comes from my birth place, Melbourne :-) Guess you have to be an Aussie to get this better. The ad is about gaffs of football commentators... maybe they've been drinking too much beer!

Client: Calton Draught Beer
Agency: George Patterson Young & Rubicam, Melbourne
Creative Director: Ben Coulson
Copywriter: Peter Hibberd
Art Director: Julian Schreiber
Photographer: Matt Hoyle

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Please...Credits Absolutely Necessary!

What makes me want to be somehow different here, is that i don't want to post any ads without the credits. Please understand it as the least respect to people that made them. I ofcourse find plenty of them around the Net, and to be honest, sometimes cannot be sure if they really exist or not... i believe the credits make a big difference in that case also. Some friends keep sending me ads (i admit nice ones) in my mail, that i would really like to post, but cannot... not like this. The least i should post here is the Agency and the CD, but full credits always look better for all. The toughest time i am having is searching for them. Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it, and always will be asking for it...but remember the credits. No need to bother if you don't have them. Thank you all very much & i promise to do my best to keep this going in the best possible way :-)

A nipple cream ad?

Funny looking ad, a bit weird and a bit creepy also! It's all about a nipple cream. The ad is made from "Mother's" to make mothers feel better ;-) I found the illustration very interesting.

Boots Expert
Agency: Mother, London
Creative Director: Robert Saville / Mark Waites
Illustrator: Chris Stonehill

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Homeless goldfish!

This is a nice ad from a small company in U.K. They have done plenty of ads for Budweiser among with some other great clients. The concept looks fresh and so does the beer... but not the fish ;-)

Client: Budweiser
Agency: Inferno, London
Creative Director: Malcolm Caldwell
Art Director: Paul Nowikowski
Copywriter: Craig Kind
Photographer: Peter Beavis

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Live a soundtrack...

Vodafone live is promising us, the soundtrack of our life! Showing moments of people being alone in some corner of the planet, gives the impression of really living and feeling the music as it's a part of their own life at that particular moment. Makes me remember some moments of my life too... but doesn't it to all of us? I think the ad has succeeded.

Client: Vodafone
Brandia Central, Lisbon
Creative Director: Marco Dias
Copywriter: Tomas Mayer
Art Director: Tiago Prandi
Photographer: Krypton

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