Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jonah's revival...

The worlds biggest fish are caught on Rapala, is what this ad claims for Rapala fishing lures. The ad shows a guy in a big fish (whale probably) very happy for what he caught taking a photo... who caught who? is the question here :-)

Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis
Creative Director: Steve Casey
Copywriter: Steve Casey
Art Director: Brock Davis
Photographer: Keith Hall

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life is a setting

How will life be in the future? Really hope not like this! A Campaign from Australia, for WWF, showing us that the way "man" is treating Earth, It's not far from missing vital importance stuff! such as Trees, Turtles & Sponges. Things that are replaced from man kind with "man made stuff" as appearing in these ads! Is that really what we are doing to mother nature? Guess so!

Client: WWF
Agency: Leo Burnett, Sydney
Creative Director: Mark Collis
Copywriter: Grant McAloon
Art Director: Michael Spirkovski
Photographer: Andreas Smetana

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Around the world in 2 pages!

A successful magazine ad for Odenresor travel website. All it wants to say, is that it's so fast and easy to travel the world through them, by simply using parts of two words: "World & Around"... Plus they are giving an example of a discount with Qantas Airlines. Easy to get and communicative enough, i like it.

Client: Odenresor
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm
Creative Director: Adam Kerj
Copywriter: Magnus Jakobsson
Art Director: Nima Stillerud

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Shoot, Suck and Eat!

Kind of a daring and different advertising campaign for Latex condoms. The copy says "Whatever you do, use a condom". In the beginning they seemed weird to me, but if you take a moment to look at it, i think it's pretty easy to solve. Of course the puzzle contains the animals Ass (Donkey), Cock (Rooster) and Pussy (Cat), followed after the verbs i use in the headline... I'd like to believe that your mind didn't think of anything naughty!!!

Hindustan Latex
Agency: AMO Communications Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Art Director: Suneel G Katarnavare
Copywriter: Asif Amin Tibet Baqual
Illustrator: Nitin Kuwar

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Welcome to the Zoo

A funny campaign for Berlin's Zoo. How many times have you been to the zoo and don't see the hiding animals? Well no more worries!.. Zoo Berlin has released annual tickets, so kids mostly, can have the chance to see them next time. The copy claims the same..."Simply come back tomorrow" correct concept i believe, (Although i really am strongly against Zoo's and Animal trapping, even if it is for educating reasons).

Client: Zoo Berlin
Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin
Creative Director: Jan Leube / Matthias Spaetgens
Copywriter: Florian Schwalme
Art Director: Mathias Rebmann
Photographer: Matthias Koslik

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Big Bubbles!

Ad for Sunlight dish soap. The visuals look very cool... bubbles made out of glasses and bowls. Light and simple... oh and clean also! :-) Nothing else needed.

Client: Sunlight
Agency: JWT Singapore
Creative Director: Ali Shabaz
Copywriter: Joji Jacob
Art Director: Thomas Yang
Photographer: Teo Chai Guan

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Friday, June 22, 2007

A complete story-teller

Another good outdoor campaign for BBC World. Using corners in the streets, BBC exhorts us to see both sides of the story, changing the impression that someone had, after seeing the other side of the billboard. So don't be in a rush to judge a story, before you get the whole idea! A well done outdoor.
Agency: BBDO, New York
Creative Director: Jerome Marucci / Ari Weiss
Copywriter: Ari Weiss
Art Director: Jamie Overkamp / Jerome Marucci

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Riding a fake one

A bit disturbing advertising, but for sure a great one... and considering it is student's work from "Miami AD school" makes it even better! This kid in the ad got his lesson. If you don't want to get sick you must drive only the original Jeep, because... "there's only one"! It's always good to see new-born creatives around :-)

Agency: Miami AD School Hamburg
Art Director: Armands Leitis / Emilia Bergmans
Copywriter: Ayako Yokoo
Instructor: Niklas Frings Rupp

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Walking on a minefield

A stunning guerrilla ad against landmines. Ketchup sachets that can be cut right on a boys foot, were placed between magazine pages (as a free ketchup gift). This way the boy looks like he has been mutilated, while ketchup like blood is released from inside. Very strong and perfectly made concept. The copy reads: "In 89 countries, walking on a mine is still routine" and tries to focus on the accidents that usually kids have in some countries.

Client: Campaign Against Landmines
Agency: Publicismojo, Auckland
Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Copywriter: Guy Denniston
Art Director: Emmanual Bougneres
Photographer: Paul Jones

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There's no obstacle

A billboard campaign for DHL, similar to the last one, signed: "Nothing stops us". By showing all kinds of "mixed up" scenarios, that just are not able to stop them. No matter what they will find the edge and their way through :-)

Client: DHL
Agency: Ogilvy, Mexico City
Creative Director: Miguel Angel Ruiz / Olivier Caizergues / Marco Colin
Copywriter: Rodrigo Lino / Luis Hernandez
Art Director: Javier Saruwatari / Alberto Villagrán
Photographer: Victor Mendiola

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It's just an illusion

I know this optical illusion style is done plenty of times before... but you have to admit that this one is really well done! I haven't seen another one look so live. It really looks like a digital screen effect. The copy claims exactly this "colors become alive" Great work... so real for a printed ad! (i can't stare on it for a long time)

Client: Sony Bravia
Agency: EURO RSCG Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Gustavo Reyes / Mariano Duhalde / Tony Waissmann
Copywriter: Mariano Duhalde / Tony Waissmann / Alexis Alvarez
Art Director: Maximiliano Sanchez Correa / Pablo Carrera / Guadalupe Covas

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Once there were Greenfields...

A nice concept from Reflections agency in India. A social warning about saving trees. The mirror reads " objects are closer than they appear" showing ground with no trees... You can easily guess that this disaster might happen soon!

Client: Trivandrum city Development Corporation
Agency: Reflections Advertising & Marketing / Trivandrum, Kerala
Art Director: Siju S Nair

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We built this city...

We built your dreams is what the copy from Veejay condominiums campaign claims. The visuals show buildings made from sound noise, cardiograph and paintbrush. Thanks Siju for sharing it.

Client: Veejay Properties
Agency: Reflections Advertising & Marketing, Trivandrum, Kerala
Copywriter: Calvin Austin
Art Director: Siju S Nair

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Huge Green-Piece Stunt !

A great Stunt was made by "Cake, London" for "Visit London", a group that promotes tourism in UK. The stunt was a part of visit London's villages campaign, and tries to convince tourists to see some of the rural areas of London outside the capital's center. The whole project was made in one night, covering more than 2000 square meters on Trafalgar's square with turf. Londoners where all surprised, finding out in the morning that the grey square looked now as a real "Green-Piece" enjoying their day out on the grass. Later the turf was re-planted in Bishop's park in West London. It's really amazing how easy a fact like this can change people's mood! Wish we could see much more stunts like this happening.

Client: Visit London
Agency: Cake, London
CEO: Mike Mathieson

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Time after Time...

An accurate working sundial was designed & created, to show the McDonald's breakfast menu throughout different times of the morning. A rather clever idea to advertise the restaurant, showing you what to have at the specific time. I don't know if it worked but it does look different.

Client: McDonald's
Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago
Creative Director: John Montgomery / Mark Tutssel
Art Director: Vince Cook
Copywriter: Gary Fox-Robertson

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Magnets to the rescue...

Cool idea for post it. Notes are supposed to stick on surfaces and not fall down. This one in the ad looks like it's not an original, since it needs the "teddy magnet" to stay on the surface. Great work done from BBDO, Athens. All i can say is "not perfect", is the copy... maybe it's too much forced. I mean it seems as it is too straight (like directions for the dumb). I think it would sound better if they left out the repetition of the word "post-it" since the logo is there... plainly to give something for the brain to think about and bring a bigger smile to your lips (just a thought). But to be honest, who would leave a post it about a "post-it"? Could be much more realistic if there was a true note talking about something neutral, and the copy was just supporting the logo saying something like "ask for the original". I really don't like criticizing other creatives work, but i just feel sometimes that great ideas get burnt, cause of a small detail.

Client: Post it
Agency: BBDO, Athens
Creative Director: Theodosis Papanikolaou
Art Director: David Kaneen

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Back to the future

Diesel always came out with huge campaigns. I like most of them, specially the photography part. This is one of the latest they did. A cool one based on the human life in the future. What i really like is that every single ad has a story to tell by itself, which means that the art direction is also great. The copy claims "Human after all" and shows plain simple and silly things that humans do in every- day life... Things that will never really change, no-matter how many years will pass. The "Matrix" visuals are super.

Client: Diesel
Agency: Marcel, paris
Copywriter: Eric Jahnnon / Dimirtri Guerassimov
Art Diector: Nicolas Chauvin / Romin Favre
Photographer: Johan Renck

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(Don't) Express yourself!

This is a really nice concept for "Live poker" but it's sooo hard to get! I think the problem is mostly on the focusing... It should be closer to the face, so you could understand better it's all about "face expression". Even the copy doesn't help much. It reads: "Learn to internalize" and it's trying to say that when you play poker you should not show your feelings, like in situations of big surprise or big pain! (to be honest in the first version, where the guy sees the trans in bed, he doesn't seem hiding his amazement very well). It is a bit disturbing, but the idea is very good.

Client: Freemedia / Live Poker Business
Agency: DDB, Paris
Creative Director: Alexandre Herve / Sylvain Thirache
Art Director: Stephane Kaczorowski
Copywriter: Sebatien Skrzypczak
Photographer: Nick Meek

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Magic broom

One of the best guerrilla outdoor ads I've seen lately! A live billboard, showing a pore of the skin (where pimples actually grow in) with a guy in it cleaning it all day long! And i mean a real guy... an actor staying there doing that job with a broom! I really wonder how long he stays there... If i can guess from the spotlights, maybe all night too? :-O Now if this can't get your attention, then what can? Bravo O&M / Philippines, a very good ad for Pond's.

Client: Pond’s Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Makati, Philippines
Creative Director: Gavin Simpson
Copywriter: Gavin Simpson / Pia Roxas
Art Director: Lito Gemora / Mike Sicam
Photographer: Visual Camp

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Bee serious!

No need to take unnecessary risks at your work (like this bee-keeper does) is what the copy for Volkswagen Craftec says. It gives you as standard ABS, Airbags and a cruise control, making safety, a major "must". What sort of bee-master would dress up as a flower?... and why on earth would he do that? :-/ Yes i's totally unnecessary... (not to say silly or stupid)!

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: DDB, Paris
Creative Director: Alexandre Herve / Sylvain Thirache
Copywriter: Edouard Perarnaud
Art Director: Martin Darfeuille
Photographer: Garry Simpson

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

A good example for others to follow...

Fantastic outdoor billboard! Nothing much of a "conceptual visual" but has a great concept in it! The copy written on this ad is all it has (plus the logo) Using plain Typography (made by the Art Director) it reads: "What if a bank really did give power to the people?" And it means it! This is the first solar powered billboard from Nedbank, placed in South Africa. Using Solar saving cells, it provides a "non-electricity" area with energy, where it is much needed! Except its own lights, It also currently powers the kitchens of a township Primary School and promises that soon it will completely generate the whole school's power needs. It really would be great if every billboard could make a big difference like this.

Client: Nedbank
Agency: Network BBDO, Johannesburg
Creative Director: Julian Watt
Copywriter: Brad Reilly
Art Director: Jonathan Santana

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Water needed

A campaign for Swatch from Portugal. The watch just can't stay long out of water... Seems like it's half fish! The translation of the copy is something like "it is lacking for sea" I'm not really crazy about the art direction, but the idea is ok i guess.

Client: Swatch
DDB, Lisboa
Creative Director: Jorge Teixeira
Copywriter: Nelson Quadros
Art Director: Nuno Gonhalves
Photographer: Steve Stoer

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