Thursday, July 26, 2007

Caution: Low Battery :-)

...Thinking what happened this year that past, i realize it was not an easy one :-/ Yes, definitely some hard & bad things showed up (thank god i can recall a couple of good ones)... Well the time finally came for me to charge my batteries... At last I'm having my vacations! A full month of leaving everything behind and finding the Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life (the Universe and Everything) and no, the answer is not "42" ;-) Hellas (also known as Greece) is beautiful and i am once again on my way for a summer tour in the paradise islands (i wouldn't change the Greek summer for anything in the world). So this is a short goodbye, just until the beginning of September, when I'll be back, full of solar power to the max, only to handle another winter coming, in the best way this year :-) no-more same mistakes... this is a promise i gave me :-) So see you all soon and wish you a wonderful summer time... may the "sun" be with you :-)

Left plenty of posts today, to have something to keep you busy for a while. I know they are not enough (they never are) but i will return (hopefully) :-)

Crazy Colors

A great ad for Dulux, showing a Chameleon going crazy! Dulux has came out with "1637 Colours", so they want to show that the colors are assimilated to this animal (since it's known for easily changing colors by itself). A really funny eye-catching one :-)

Client: Dulux
Agency: Callegari / Berville Grey, Paris
Copywriter: Laurent Gagniere
Art Director: Eric Diratzouyan
Photographer: Mark Leary

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The Untouchables

The copy for Scott's Emulsion reads: "Helps Build your child's Immunity" and what it means is that the Scott's brand is a cod liver oil range of emulsions rich in natural sources of vitamin A and D, calcium, phosphorus and omega 3. The emulsion helps build up the body's natural resistance to infections and develop strong bones and teeth. So i think the visual is just right, wanting to show a world full of germs and bacterial hiding around in every surface the baby touches.

Client: Glaxosmithkline / Scott's Emulsion
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore
Creative Director: Sonal Dabral
Copywriter: Tham Yin May / Renee Lim
Art Director: Roy Wisnu/Eric Yeo
Photographer: Xuan Ong
Illustrator: Dee Dee

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Show me the way

"A seductive navigator" is written for copy. I wonder why is this navigator mentioned as a seductive one... Probably it's the "look" of it, or maybe it's a really voluptuous voice giving instructions... (personally i prefer the second case) :-) and what i again like more in this campaign is the photography.

Client: Garmin
Agency: DDB, Milan
Creative director: Vicky Gitto
Copywriter: Michelangelo Cianciosi
Art director: Francesco Fallisi
Photographer: Winkler & Noah

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She's got a ticket to ride...

A Greenpeace ad claiming "BA's answer to climate change". What has really happened here is that impromptu ticket exchange booths have been appearing in airports across the UK. Greenpeace volunteers (fetchingly dressed as stewards and stewardesses) have been offering British Airway's passengers checking into domestic flights, the chance to exchange their plane tickets for climate-friendly train tickets. BA's new domestic route, isn't just irresponsible , it's also completely unnecessary. If you take into account the time and cost of travel to airports and checking in, travelling by plane works out to be more expensive than train, only a little quicker and ten times more damaging to the climate. (The booths have now all been moved by security).

Client: Greenpeace
Agency: McCann Erickson, London
Copywriter: Brian Cooper
Art Director: Jason Stewart
Illustrator: Jason Stewart

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A helping hand

Awesome idea and great art direction for these three ads. A Mapa Gloves campaign that is for sure different than anything else we have seen. "Because hands are sensitive" is what the copy claims in these ones and they show 3 different hand stories. Firstly we see a hand visiting the hand- shrink, secondly comes a "hand" taking care of a birdie, till it's time for it to go, and the last one shows a hand fainting in front of the sight of an injection. All three of them communicate how sensitive hands can be ;-)

Client: MAPA Protective Gloves
Agency: TBWA/Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt
Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Copywriter: Xander Smith
Art Director: Jonathan Santana / Joakim Reveman / Bjoern Ruehmann
Photographer: Sven Glage

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Take another piece of my part

A campaign for Harley Davidson's Genuine Accessory parts. The ads show sketches of Harley's made out of short stories and thoughts of their owners. Interesting concept. The copy reads: "Your bike says who you are. Start telling your story with Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories today."

Client: Harley Davidson
Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis
Copywriter: Tim Gillingham
Art Director: Brock Davis
Illustrator: Steve Jockisch

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All i have to do is dream...

A very nice Honda campaign, based on their moto "The power of dreams". The campaign shows in an artistic illustrated way the "vision dreamers" of Honda inventing things for Honda cars. Things like Lighting system, Safe distance system, Braking system, Pop-up hood and All wheel intelligent traction. Great illustrations.

Client: Honda
Agency: Villarrosas, Barcelona
Creative Director: Oriol Villar / Fernando Codina
Copywriter: Miguel Angel Elizalde
Illustrator: Brosmind

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Blinded by games

A funny ad for Playstation Portable. A blind's guide, Labrador Retriever dog, is guiding a guy so he can easily play his game on the portable Playstation (Notice that only one hand is needed) :-)

Client: Sony Playstation
Agency: TBWA, Madrid
Creative Director: Bernardo Hernandez / Montse Pastor
Copywriter: Vicente Rodriguez
Art Director: Ely Sanchez

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Lonely Children

A Social campaign for Misereor. Misereor is mandated by the Catholic Church in Germany to fight the causes of misery in countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America in the forms of hunger, disease, poverty and other forms of human suffering, thus enabling the people affected to lead a life of human dignity and to promote justice, freedom, reconciliation and peace in the world. In this case to take care of the orphans-victims of the war. "War kills families. Help war orphans to survive." is what the copy reads, showing wall graffities of families that have been shot exactly where the heads of the parents are.

Client: Bischoefliches Hilfswerk Misereor E.V./ Relief Organization
Agency: Kolle Rebbe Werbeagentur, Hamburg
Creative Director: Sven Klohk / Lorenz Ritter
Copywriter: Elena Bartrina y Manns
Art Director: Maik Beimdiek / Jens Lausenmeyer
Illustrator: Eva Salzmann

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Solid locking

A clever concept for Mul-T-Lock high security lock systems. The campaign of three, shows walls of houses with the entrance doors missing from their places. The locks of the doors are placed straight on the wall, communicating this way how safe the doors become (making no difference from the wall) when using Mul-T-Lock.

Client: V.T.C. Enterprise Co. / Mul-T-Lock
Agency: LOWE, Bangkok
Copywriter: Anchalee Srinuanwong / Ekapol Srisuntornpinit
Art Director: Guthan Suthiphongchai / Weerawat Weerawatanakorn
Photographer: Anuchai Secharunputong / Nok

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Shot through the heart, and you're to blame...

Two ads for Orphea moth repellent. "Eliminate moths, before they eliminate your clothes" is written on these ads, showing clothes that look dead with holes on their chest (as if they were shot) made by moths. Fancy Idea and good art direction. My only objection here is: Do clothes have their heart on the right side?... wouldn't it be more correct, if they at least mirrored the photos? I mean since they are dead it means they were shot on a vital spot (just a thought).

Client: Orphea
DDB, Milan
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Francesco Fallisi
Photographer: Winkler & Noah

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Paint it blue

Now this a clever concept for Nerolac quick dry paint. Plain and simple but still brilliant idea. The guy painting (bad choice of color by the way for a floor) is standing on the "supposed to be" wet side... The side he is painting instead of the un-painted side, Showing this way how fast it can dry. Actually no copy needed at all, just the paint packaging. yep, good one.

Client: Nerolac Quick Dry Paints
Agency: McCann Erickson, Mumbai
Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Copywriter: Mahesh Parab
Art Director: Mahesh Parab
Photographer: Avadhut Hembade

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United Colours of VW

A campaign for VW showing two faces in different colors, but both with red lipstick in the shape of the new beetle. The photography is wonderful. The copy claims "Beige with red leather & Black with red leather. The new Beetle limited edition"... So that can explain what's going on. Obviously it's talking about the new colors of the Beetle limited edition, showing also the sexy side of the car (after all it is made out of curves).

Client: Volkswagen / New Beetle
Agency: DDB, Milan
Creative director: Vicky Gitto
Copywriter: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Massimo Valeri
Photographer: Winkler & Noah

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They live among us

"Don't let anyone break into your kid's world" is the copy for this campaign... just observe carefully the images... I'm pretty sure you will discover someone or something that shouldn't be there! Some sort of perverted stuff. Great visuals to support the concept. "thumbs up"

Client: Terra Portal / Web Parental Control
Agency: DDB Brasil, Sao Paulo
Creative Director: Felipe Cama
Copywriter: Marcio Fritzen / Felipe Cama
Art Director: Bruno Oppido / Gilberto C. Barros
Photographer: Ricardo Rojas
Illustrator: Up Ilustracao

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cholesterol danger

"What goes into crisps, goes into you" is written for this social poster ad for British Heart Foundation. The visual sure is disgusting and that's why i consider it as a big success! Using cooking oil, or frying your food, only makes the levels of your Cholesterol grow higher, and we all know what that means for your heart condition. Good art direction for it's category.

Client: British Heart Foundation
Agency: Bright Blue Day, Poole
Creative Director: Tony Hill

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Fresh spray

Nice visual for this billboard ad for Pepsi. Made in France in a really French way :-) "Sexy drink" claims the copy, and it shows a woman opening a Pepsi light can, letting the sparkles come out as if it is some sort of refreshing spray or a perfume bottle. Nice approaching.

Client: PepsiCo / Pepsi light
Agency: CLM BBDO, Boulogne Billancourt
Creative Director: Jean-Francois Sacco / Gilles Fichteberg
Copywriter: Fabien Moreira
Art Director: Paola Nauges
Photographer: Jean-Noel Leblanc-Bontemps

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It's a white world after all

A nice art direction once again for Audi. The copy here claims "It makes the world turn white" meaning "pale" and that's why the world looks uncolored next to the car. The photography is very good, i wouldn't overact if i used the phrase "piece of art".

Agency: DDB, Milan
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Copywriter: Nicola Lampugnani
Art Director: Francesco Guerrera
Photographer: Winkler & Noah

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Presidential cocktail

A funny campaign for Arno Blenders. The copy says "Mixes everything perfectly" and uses 2 photos in the blender only to show the result in the glass! I find the first one, with that "mad" guy together with "dad" Bush really something! :-) Yes, ads using bush are overdone but still are some few good ideas out there ;-)

Client: ARNO Blender
Agency: PUBLICIS, Sao Paulo
Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara / Rodolfo Sampaio
Copywriter: Adriano Matos / Rodolfo Sampaio / Antonio Nogueira
Art Director: Guilherme Jahara
Photographer: Guto Nobrega

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Telly behind bars

Ad for Sanyo Ultra thin and slim TV. I just don't really see the connection with the barcode, so i will try to give my explanation for it... Since the barcode has no code on it, then i guess we can start seeing it plainly as a bunch of lines (or try to). In that case the message is that it's so thin it fits between these lines. The art direction is not bad at all, but the concept needed something more i think. That copy really is just saying what you can already see, maybe it was not needed. But still there's something nice about it... guess it's the minimal visuals that i always prefer :-)

Client: Sanyo
Art Director: Siju S Nair

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

You've got to fight for your right

Right to play - Sport & Peace... a campaign made all over the world!
Right To Play is an international humanitarian organisation committed to improving the lives of children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. It uses specially-designed sport and play programmes to promote development, peace and health. The aim of the brief was to create awareness, educate and inform the public about the charity Right To Play and their work in using sport for peace worldwide.

Client: Right to play
Agency: Publicis Chile
Copywriter: Michael Honeyman
Art Director: Juan Pablo Gaete

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Client: Right to play
Agency: DDB, Sydney, Australia
Copywriter: Enrique Ignacio Rodriguez
Art Director: Justin Carew

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Client: Right to play
Agency: Fallon, Brazil
Copywriter: Leonardo Lourencao
Agency: Contrapunto, Brazil
Art Director: Leonardo Cacioli

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Client: Right to play
Agency: Leo Burnett, Manilla, Philippines
Copywriter: Mignon Wilhelma Tobias
Art Director: Carmela Valerie Advincula

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Poor Porky!

This is a nice concept for Scott kitchen towel paper... Showing that after frying and placing the bacon on the paper, all the fat and cholesterol disappears, as if the piece of bacon doesn't have any at all. Copy-writing reads: "Live fat free".

Client: Scott Kitchen Towels
Agency: JWT, Kuala Lumpur
Creative Director: Hasnah Mohd. Samidin
Copywriter: May Yong / Edwin Leong
Art Director: Hans Lee / Wayne Lau / Edwin Leong
Photographer: Mak Kah Heng / Allen Dang

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Genesis & Apocalypse fashion

A pretty nice art direction for Loquo fashion (i loved the first and last one). The copy is claiming "fashion with a story" ... biblical maybe? :-) But I do have a remark to make... because the brand is not a well known one, maybe they should help more to understand what it's all about. I really liked their site, a cool one with step-by step post production for you to discover the way they work (specialized in photography & effects), go ahead, have a look, it's really worth it:

Agency: the unknown artist, Madrid
Creative Director: Astrid Haupt / Oliver Haupt
Photographer: the unknown artist

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Make the difference

A campaign for Mackenzie University in Brazil. The ads are talking about charismatic known people, and more specific about Leonardo DA Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill, Showing how this people are affected by three different environments of knowledge and how they differ from others. The copy reads: "Additional knowledge is what sets you apart from the others. Get a Master's Degree."
Thanks vaishnavi for sending it :-)

Client: Mackenzie University
Agency: Publicis Brazil Communications, Sao Paulo
Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara/Rodolfo Sampaio
Copywriter: Marcelo Sato
Art Director: Andre Gola

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