Friday, August 31, 2007

come on... ketch up...

A pack of chips with tomato flavour, can be easily be mixed up with a bottle of ketchup! A pretty nice ad for Simba tomato flavoured potato chips. I guess the copy is necessary in this case, explaining what is going on, cause without it, it really would be hard to get.

Client: Simba Potato chips
Agency: Net#Work BBDO, Johannesburg
Creative Director: Julian Watt
Copywriter: Tim Beckerling
Art Director: Sean Harrison
Photographer: Jason Robinson

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Blow me out!

This is a kind of weird way to show a tyre product I must admit... Not telling us how good the Continental tyre grips. Instead the copy on this campaign talks about how good they work, even when they are deflated! Now this is something that could work... after all it's true that all tyres get flat at sometime... the point is to convince that they still are safe!

Client: Continental Tyres
Agency: Ogilvy, Cape town
Creative Director: Christo Nel
Copywriter: Ryan Broughton
Art Director: Tony Purnell
Photographer: Peter Hooper

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The invisible food!

A Fantastic Idea is brought to light for this Guerrilla ad. Using the pages of a magazine to hide what is about to follow. Pulling all the way out the "Broccoli", you discover the Cepacol dental floss at the end. The concept ofcourse is to relate the white pages of the magazine with your teeth, plainly to say that food hides between them. Exactly the same execution has also been done with a pork steak and a chicken leg, as parts of a campaign of three.

Client: Cepacol
Agency: Publicis, Sao Paolo
Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara / Rodolfo Sampaio
Copywriter: Renata Florio
Art Director: Leo Macias
Photographer: Marcelo Ribeiro

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Heavy weight champion

The concept about big spaced vans has been done in many similar ways, but I've never seen it done before in this specific way. Showing the front part of the Fiat Ducato's cabin "attached" towards things that it can carry. Things that look too much "heavy weighted". A nice campaign coming from Brazil.The copy claims: Now with much more load capacity.

Client: Fiat Ducato
Agency: Leo Burnett, Sao Paolo
Creative Director: Ruy Lindenberg
Copywriter: Alexandre Scaff
Art Director: Felipe Massis

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Don't enter the Maze!

An outdoor campaign for Johnson Anti-Mosquito Off Lotion. In both ads the execution doesn't differ much, Showing the hard time a mosquito can have finding you! The concept is based on an imaginary maze the insect must follow to have its drink... The only thing i can add here, is that it still doesn't seem impossible that it will get you at the end, if it finds its way through.. Maybe an electrified net or wire would be much better, to get once and for all rid of them :-) (I really hate what they do to me every Summer!)

Client: SC Johnson
Agency: Draft FCB, Kuala Lumpur
Creative Director: Yap Pow Hoong
Copywriter: Reza Abdullah
Art Director: Reza Abdullah
Illustrator: Reza Abdullah / Jann Lim
Photographer: Fai (IFL) / Corbis

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Wake me up before you go-go...

If you go camping, never take a Seiko alarm watch with you! You'll be in trouble for waking up all the campers around! (should be really loud)... A nice and different way to show a wrist watch alarm by BBDO Bangkok.

Client: Muang Thong Seiko Co., Ltd.
Agency: BBDO Ltd., Bangkok
Creative Director: Suthisak Sucharittanonta / Aussanee Augsornnugul / James Dennis Makanas
Copywriter: Badin Limapornvanich / Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Art Director: Badin Limapornvanich / Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Photographer: Dow Wasiksiri
Illustrator: Omni Vision

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The roof is on fire!

Who said that Spanish don't have humour? Pedro Almodovar himself proves them wrong anyway :-) A cool Ad made in Barcelona for Kenwood. The KDC-W808 now has improved live concert mode... so live, it will make you and your car passengers want to light up your lighters and start singing... great one!

Client: Kenwood
Agency: Grey, Barcelona
Creative Director: Quim Crespo / Joan Mas
Copywriter: Quim Crespo / Joan Mas
Art Director: Alex Martin
Photographer: Fergus Stothart

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It's worth Waiting...

Another "Good things come to those who wait" campaign, for Guinness Draught beer. In this one the visuals show Einstein waiting for his idea to come, Man kind waiting for the first step on Moon and the arriving of PS after lots of games of tic-tac-toe have been played! Abbott Mead Vickers in London are doing a great job with these "award winning" ads.

Client: Draught Guinness
Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers / BBDO, London
Copywriter: Andy McAnaney
Art Director: Christian Sewell

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Here I go again on my own..

Here I am (as i promised)... back to the routine of city life. Feels like i need at least one week to get back to normal. Why do all good things end so quickly? :-/ At least got plenty of good memories to keep by my side till my next holidays :-) "plus" the tanning to remind me where i was a few days ago... I am posting my favourite 3 beaches i visited this summer... I made them panoramic, but please forgive the fast photoshop editing. They are in a pretty ok res, so u can have a closer look if you wish. 1st is in Island "Lesvos" (Mitilini) where i must say the hospitality of the people there REALLY impressed me. 2nd is in Island "Elafonisos" which i consider as a true paradise island, and the 3rd is in "Peloponese" mainland, near a town called "Zaharo" (also known as Sugar Town), where unfortunately a big fire took place lately... All locations are in Greece.
Wishing you all to have a nice Autumn time. Keep in touch and enjoy.