Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jailhouse rock :-O

Sometimes I envy these people that study in Miami ad school... Wish i had the chance to do that too ;-) Definitely in my opinion the best one! This campaign is again another student's work and shows that numbers and data are getting convicted for a life time in Vebratim Compact Disks. :-)
Via: elmaaltshift

Client: Vebratim
Agency: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg
Art Director: Ratko Cindric / Juri Zaech

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Aint no sunshine when she's gone...

This week's song is from Bill Withers... one of my faves... dedicated to all you that have been left alone ;-) I just have a small objection... As a good friend of mine told me once: "there is ALWAYS a sunshine after rain" (or was it a rainbow?) :-/ hm... ok then, one more try: "there is ALWAYS a sunshine after a rainbow" ah, better! :-)

From Russia with love :-)

This campaign here also looks different... coming from Russia. Its all about the Translation Agency in Moscow called MTA and it shows three "English speaking" famous writer's signatures, that not only have been translated in Russian, but also have been fabricated (Using exactly the same handwriting), just to show how well they do their job ;-) Picking these three men to use in the ads (Jules Verne, Ernest Hemingway & Mark Twain), i guess it just means that they can translate a whole story (or even a book) as if it was written in their native language. Fair is fair, so this idea is very good and communicative as much as it should be... well done Maxima.

МТА (Moscow Translation Agency)
Agency: Maxima Communication Group, Moscow, Russia
Copywriter: Alexander Ovsyankin / Tatiana Sosnitskaya
Art Director: Denis Popenkov / Oleg Panov
Illustrator: Denis Popenkov

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Growing ketchup

Very nice visuals for this Heinz tomato ketchup ad, showing the bottle as a real tomato... communicating ofcourse the original fresh taste of the ketchup. Works for me :-)

Heinz Ketchup
Agency: McCann Erickson, London
Copywriter: Rob Brown
Art Director: Gary Marjoram
Photographer: Kevin Summers

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Body Talk

A Playboy Magazine ad, differently made with letters you can read out from women body positions. I'm not really crazy about the art direction but i like that it is unique (I wonder if a Typographer was needed). The text reads in German: "wer sagt, dass männer nicht gerne lesen ?" as you can easily read and it means: "Who says that men are not glad to read". I guess men are always positive in reading females... i just wonder if they can also understand them ;-)

Client: Playboy
Agency: Philipp & Keuntje GmbH, Hamburg
Copywriter: Heiko Notter
Art Director: Holger Lindhardt / Oliver Brkitsch

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Developing Ideas...

A self promo advertising for TBWA in Poland. The concept is not so original i guess (using a bulb to represent the idea), but the execution is really strong. Notice that the person giving the birth to the "idea" is a man :-/... just hope it doesn't mean they need 9 months of pregnancy to make it happen :-) Great Photography and Art Direction i must say!

Client: TBWA, Warsaw
Agency: TBWA, Warsaw
Copywriter: Tomek Dan
Art Director: Sunil Nair
Photographer: Glen Svage

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"V" for Vendetta ;-)

A big campaign run recently for The Sun Online In U.K. I am giving the text as i recieved it:
"Ignore The Sun and its readers at your peril Mr Brown" is the message from The Sun’s new campaign created by Euro RSCG London. The campaign showcases The Sun’s political clout by reminding Britain of the promise that Gordon Brown made to give the public a referendum on Europe. The campaign, timed to coincide with the Labour Party Conference, has been kickstarted with the front page of The Sun, plus national radio and an outdoor and ambient campaign centred in Bournemouth. All of the creative has the tagline ‘Democracy. We love it’ The print creative features the iconic image of Churchill outside Number 10, but now sporting Gordon Brown’s superimposed face and pictured giving two fingers to Britain. The headline reads: ‘Europe. Never have so few decided so much for so many’. The online campaign at encourages readers to have their say on the issue and register their vote to demand an EU referendum. The radio ad is voiced by Roger Allam, who played the Queen’s private secretary in the Oscar winning film starring Helen Mirren. The campaign in Bournemouth features 48 sheets advans, taxi receipts, Gordon Brown look-alikes carrying placards and briefcases with the print work, flags and stickers and The Sun bus re-skinned with the Churchill creative execution.
For those who are not familiar with it, the opposite "V" sign, is not the "victory" one... it is insulting and similar to the "middle finger" one, in many countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand e.t.c... So all you British, don't forget to visit their site and give your vote too ;-) Interesting Georgina, Thanks :-)

Client: The Sun Online
Agency: Euro RSCG, London
Creative Director: Justin Hooper

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Under(wear) cover!

Copy: "Men dont want to look at naked men"

Ok, Sex sells (how original) so what? ;-) We still love to see these sort of ads :-) A sexy campaign for JBS men's underwear, divided in two parts actually...
The first one (and better in my opinion) is based on woman that love to wear mens underwear... By showing them doing mens activities, it uses the copy: "Men don't want to look at naked men". Is it the women feeling like men in these underwear? or is it that all men would like a buddy like this? ;-)
The second part is based on "Pantie sniffers", but again with woman in this role sniffing mens underwear (used i guess) :-/ a more daring one and a more sexy one ofcourse!

Client: JBS Mens Underwear
Agency: &Co, Copenhagen
Creative Director: Robert Cerkez / Thomas Hoffmann
Copywriter: Ole Caspersen / Thomas Fabricius
Art Director: Jesper Schmidt / Martin Storgaard / Sanne Frank / Tim Ustrup Madsen

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Negative drawing

A different drawing style is shown here, for advertising Penline Pens. The paper is not colored, it is white... but all the covered area comes from the pens color, leaving white uncovered lines only where the sketch should be! The concept here is to show how accurate and long lasting a thin pen can be. No text actually is needed to explain what's going on. ;-)

Client: Penline
Agency: McCann Erickson (M) Sdn Bhd / Kuala Lumpur
Creative Director: Hwa & Szu
Copywriter: Eddie Azadi
Art Director: K C Chung / See-Lok Ng / Chee-Wee Choo
Illustrator: K C Chung / See-Lok Ng / Chee-Wee Choo

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shape of my belly

If this campaign doesn't make you want to run to the gym, then i really don't know what else can work :-) Nice art direction and photography, made for Speed-fit body training centre in Germany, showing how unhappy your belly can be and what a sad face it can really have. :-) The copy reads: "Unhappy with the shape you're in?" And claims at the end: "Speed-fit. Work out the easy way". The visuals give directly the message quite strongly!

Client: Speed-Fit
Agency: Jung von Matt, Berlin
Copywriter: Carmen Riemer / Jan Harbeck
Art Director: Chantal Ehrensperger / David Mously
Photograher: Robin K

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LIfe saver Bubble gum!

Bazooka bubble gum appears to be a very strong one! Kids can easily use them as an airbag for their carts. I admit it is somehow funny, but i don't really see the idea here. What is the message? the gum is so hard that a kid won't be able to chew on it? Or does it simply want to say that it doesn't blast off? I thought that bubble gums are supposed to brake at some point (and that is also part of the fun). I can understand a concept like making really big bubbles, but this one here confuses me a bit. :-/ Maybe i am unfair now, and all that matters is that the ad achieves to catch your attention? In that case, yes... it can manage to make you smile and yes it can make you stop for a few secs on it... so probably it does work.

Client: Bazooka Bubble Gum
Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels
Copywriter: Raoul Maris
Art Director: Christian Loos
Photographer: Marcel Veelo

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's a "toy" world after all...

Guerrilla ads are for sure the most intelligent ones, as i guess we would all admit... trying to find concepts that can use anything from the environment to do their "trick". This is a very good and original one from Grey in Germany, showing that globe (our whole world) can be a big toy! As the C.D. Florian Meimberg says: "We just realized an ambient installation for our client Toys”r”us. And used the biggest ad space we could find: The planet!"
I must warn everybody NOT to open the valve-cap if you ever see this around... there is a great "global deflation" danger! Thanks Flo for both... the participating on my blog, and the idea :-)

Client: Toys'r'us
Agency: Grey Worldwide, Dusseldorf
Creative Director: Florian Meimberg / Torsten Pollmann
Copywriter: Torsten Pollmann
Art Director: Florian Meimberg / Matthias Renner
Illustrator: Hajo Mueller
Producer: Peter Engel

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Midnight Express!

This ad really made me laugh. A print ad made for Sky Television, promoting CNN’s "Paris on Prison" interview from Larry King. The copy also reads "It'll be like totally emotional" (Now that made me laugh even more)! I suppose you can recognize the "Midnight express" movie scene, with her dog as a guest-star, visiting her in prison. I understand the fact of someone put in jail is not funny, but the fact that the whole world is gossiping about that person, is! It has been some time since an ad cheered me up this much :-)

Client: SKY Television
Agency: DDB, Auckland
Copywriter: Martin Brown / Bridget Short
Art Director: Darran Wong Kam / Pete Thomson

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Hide your love away ;-)

A guerrilla outdoor ad made for New Zealand's TV. It's probably a TV serial called "Ugly Betty" (we have a Spanish similar in Greece called Ugly Maria). The idea is just brilliant, by using a paper bag to cover the outdoor ad, it really gives the impression that this is in fact a very ugly woman hidden away from public view :-) Sure makes you want to see how she looks like!.. (or am I just being too curious?). Rob Beamish & Hilary Badger have been there for almost 1 year now (they both were in Y&R Melbourbe before as a team) and seem to be doing a really great job in Saatchi.

Client: TVNZ
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland
Creative Director: Rob Beamish / Hilary Badger
Copywriter: Dave Mygind
Art Director: Debs Gerrard
Photographer: Mat Baker

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Say cheeeeeeeese.....

A tricky campaign for Electrolux washing machine that has an exclusive shoe washing program (as the copy tells us also). By using well known and recognizable athletic shoe brand logos as pieces of cheese, we all get the message i guess. Athletic shoes are the most "smelly" ones after sweating and the disgusting smell coming out of them, often reminds us bad cheese! The copy also claims: "Get rid of foot odor". An ad with great taste but an awful smell :-).

Client: Electrolux
Agency: Fischer America Communications Total, Sao Paulo
Creative Director: Jader Rossetto / Flavio Casarotti
Copywriter: Ricardo Big Passos / Gustavo Diehl
Photographer: Lucio Cunha

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Matrix codes

Small text: "Hackers are extremely obsessive people... Beware"

Small text: "Hackers are extremely Perseverant people... Beware"

Small text: "Hackers are extremely dedicated people... Beware"

A very nice "hidden word" campaign for Tempest security internet tecnologies. Actually it's not hiding the words, but showing how hackers can descover deleted, or encrypted data info. Using an automatic paper destroyer, a puzzle and a cryptographed game, as the main picture, the ads have a very small paragraph line written on them that tells us what hackers are able to do. (You have to enlarge the post images to be able to see that). Small text in ads is common, but in this case, the concept is well done, wanting to emphasize on internet encrypting. What I also like is that it simply uses black and white.

Client: Tempest
Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Sao Paulo
Creative Director: Eduardo Lima / Fabio Fernandes
Copywriter: Eduardo Lima
Art Director: Luciano Lincoln

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A healthier "touch"

Client: Clorox
Agency: Dieste Harmel & Partners, San Francisco
Creative Director: Carlos Tourne
Copywriter: Diego Duprat
Art Director: Patricia Martinez

An interesting Spanish campaign for bleach and cleaning products "Clorox", Made in U.S.A., Showing how things we touch everyday, or things we put in our mouth (specially kids) are safe and healthy enough when using this product. These things are a door handle (shown as an apple) and keys (shown as biscuits)... The only thing i am concerned about is, couldn't the meaning be: "eat them after cleaning"? ( i guess not really, since the product is aiming for mums and not for kids) :-) The copy says : "This is how kids see the world. Keep it clean!"... thanks Isabelle for helping. :-)

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Monday, September 17, 2007

How mean can a bean be?

This is a campaign that participated in "The chip shop" awards and won some of them. This show does not necessarily accept ads that have been approved. It is a contest for all creatives that have ideas, either they sold them or not. This I found very interesting and gives mostly young creatives the oportunity to show their work, in a rather low ticket price. The ads here for Heinz were not approved by H J Heinz and do not necessarily represent their views, but I thought they are very interesting and clever. It shows how mean a bean can be inside a cupboard, terrifying other products... Maybe it was the use of violence that Heinz company didn't really like... But it's supposed to make you smile after all :-)

Client: Heinz
Agency: Leo Burnett, London
Creative Director: Jim Thornton / David Beverly
Copywriter: Rob Tenconi / Mark Franklin
Art Director: Rob Tenconi / Mark Franklin
Photographer: Howard McAlpine
Retoucher: Mike Warren

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tinkle-bells dream land

It doesn't happen very often lately, to see a well "graphic-designed" ad. A lot of designers attempt to do it but only a few manage. As a graphic designer myself I must give this campaign my congratulations :-) Ofcourse it has a great photography too, but it is based more on the designers work. So what if it doesn't have a clear and specific concept? ( I know plenty of ads that don't have, by using only life style photography) at least this campaign is impressive enough to keep you gazing on it. Actually the idea here is to bring out a result full of feminine style and also show the influence the product has around the world... like the Egyptian, French and American symbols and atmosphere it uses. All this is well combined with the "fairy-tale" environment surrounding these ads, that i guess the whole target-group (girls) will like very much. What seems a bit more difficult in this case, is that a guy illustrated them!

Client: Sassi / Norsca
Agency: Loud, Sydney
Creative Director: Andy Firth
Copywriter: Emma Den Ouden
Art Director: Muhannad Shono
Illustrator: Muhannad Shono
Photographer: Montalbetti & Campbell

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Friday, September 14, 2007

The power of love VS The power of humour :-)

The Regional Tourism Committee of Paris Ile-de-France continues its successful campaign in London for a second year in a row. The goal is to attract Londoners to Paris. Here i am posting the second part of that campaign (thank you Francois), that shows in an unorthodox but spirited way the Rugby World Cup that will take place in Paris. Paris region will be hosting several World Cup matches, including the final at the Stade de France. I must confess that my first impression was to be a bit shocked... but after that a smile showed up on my face :-) I believe France and specific Paris, really does have a great sense of humour... and to be honest British people must too (since this campaign is an invitation for them) the proof to that can be found by visiting there site: :-) Good work done by BDDP & Fils.

Client: Regional Tourism Committee of Paris / Ile-de-France
Agency: BDDP & Fils, Paris
Creative Director: Manoelle Van Der Vaeren / Guillaume Chifflot
Copywriter: Francois Faure
Art Director: Antoine Mathon
Photographer: Cedric Delsaux

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eyeball in my Martini?

This here is a Teaser ad made in Hong Kong. What impressed me mostly here, is not the idea, but the great photography, that grabs your attention at once. The copy reads: " Keep your eyes open for the new and renovated Miramar Shopping Centre for this season's holidays. Come over to experience the most new, the most stylish and the most sophisticated face of shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui." Nice!

Client: Miramar Shopping Centre
Agency: My Mind Creative, Hong Kong
Copywriter: Sammy LKZ Lau
Art Director: Sammy LKZ Lau
Photographer: Ong Yew Chuan

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

She's like a rainbow...

A very nice idea for Kolin LCD TV's in Taiwan. The whole campaign looks as if it is a color book for kids, and one has to fill in the missing colors. The copy claims: The Kolin LCD with colours. Watch and learn. With its exclusive "IDEA" chip Kolin LCD meets your expectations of colour and more.

Client: Taiwan Kolin Company Limited
Agency: Bates Taiwan Co., Ltd. / Taipei
Creative Director: Richard Yu / Ronny Hsu / Lion Tsai
Copywriter: Lion Tsai / Echo Shao
Art Director: Richard Yu / Ronny Hsu / Boonseng Lim
Illustrator: Boonseng Lim / Kyo Chen

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Can you forgive her? ;-)

I really loved this campaign for Interflora when i saw it. Now, doesn't it remind us all something? :-) Looks like it comes from the '70's but no, it was made this year from Walker in Switzerland for Mother's day. Ofcourse It's showing things that mothers do, that really annoy kids. Things that i guess made us all look silly (at least once). I really wonder where these great photos come from... are they from the past or so well art directed? So funny and sweet together :-) The copy claims: "It's time to forgive her. Mother's day 14th May. Fleurop. The power of flowers." So just go ahead, and send her some flowers!
by the way... please forgive the low res too ;-)

Client: Fleurop / Interflora
Agency: Walker, Zurich
Creative Director: Pius Walker
Photographer: Uwe Duttmann

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