Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On the road again...

I like the concept of this campaign. Very nice made in black and white and very easy to get. It's about Garmin GPS Navigations and they simply show you right the way to go. In these ads, quotation marks are used on the road, probably where the name of that place or road should be, placed wherever you are heading to. The copy reads: "Garmin. Tells you the way" Plain and direct.

Client: Garmin
Agency: ADK Europe, Amsterdam
Copywriter: Stella Geurtsen / Kris Spape
Art Director: Stella Geurtsen / Kris Spape

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Muted movies

A campaign based on the importance of sound in films or TV ads. The copy is claiming: "Use the power of sound for your TV advert or film. The sound makes the film". It is made for NJP Tonstudio, a film recording studio in Switzerland. Using ads alot alike movie scenes, each one gives three options, for what the sound could be heard like, or how the movie dialogues could sound. I find these options very enjoyable and I suppose they are right... even the use of subtitles (when someone next to you is trying to sleep) cannot really let you enjoy and get absorbed by a movie. :-)

NJP Tonstudio
Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Z├╝rich-Gockhausen
Creative Director: Urs Schrepfer / Christian Bobst
Copywriter: Johannes Raggio
Art Director: Christian Bobst / Isabelle Hauser
Photographer: Hulton Archive

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A picture is worth 1000 words!

This ad just seems too provoking (but makes you smile also). Made for Fedex by BBDO in Germany. A Fedex truck carrying two UPS vans! Wanting to say that they are better, delivering also for UPS :-/ I just wonder which one will reach the destination first ;-). All i can expect now, is UPS's answer to this (or maybe they just won't bother, showing superiority?).

Agency: BBDO, Dusseldorf
Creative Director: Carsten Bolk
Copywriter: Andreas Walter
Art Director: Jacques Pense
Illustrator: Erik Thijssen
Retouching: Stefan Kranefeld

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Ferrari puzzle

An ad made for a series of books published for Ferrari cars by "La Gazzetta dello Sport" which is an Italian sports magazine. The copy reads: "The legend of Ferrari in every single detail" and that is exactly what it shows. I like the art direction very much! Makes me think... is it possible to start collecting one piece by piece? :-)

Client: La Gazzeta dello Sport
Agency: McCann Erickson, Milan
Copywriter: Guglielmo Pezzino
Art Director: Erick Loi / Gaetano del Pizzo
Photographer: Alessandro Bavari

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Who is Who?

Nice and tricky campaign for La Diaria Newspaper in Uruguay. Take a good look... probably you'll see nothing. Ok, try again now going a bit farther, and you might then start seeing something ;-) The campaign is based on a series of four ads that show nothing more than 4 well known portraits (the Pope, Fidel Castro, Condoleezza Rice and Bin Laden). The copy is claiming: "Reality is complex. To understand it, you have to keep some distance. La Diaria. The independent newspaper". I find that line very good! What can be more trustful for a reader than the paper keeping a neutral position. The copy just fits great with the images. I guess this sort of art is not easy to do at all (they really look good in distance... just try seeing it as a thumbnail, or move away a bit from your screen) ;-)

La Diaria Newspaper
Agency: Corporacion JWT, Montevideo
Copywriter: Leandro Gomez / Manuel Amorin
Art Director: Leonardo Varela

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Year "on the rocks"...

Another similar visual for Unibros Shipping Corp., again from JNL+ Athens, This time wishing us a N-ice year as you can read in the copy. This actually is a new year's greeting ad.
The ad shows an ice-breaking ship traveling some far distance somewhere on an ice-land by breaking it's way through, wanting to communicate that they just go anywhere.

Client: Unibros Shipping Corporation
Agency: JNL+, Athens
Creative Director: Minas Migdalis
Copywriter: TINA Kontogianopoulou
Illustrator: Minas Migdalis

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A nice ad for Hellenic Seaways made by JNL+ Athens. The ship from above looks like a rocket tacking off. The water left behind gives the impression of the space shuttle's exhaust gas. The copy is plainly a "countdown". Interesting way of showing how fast a ship can really go. Actually this is a fast ship company for traveling around the Islands in summertime... If they could only lower their ticket prices too, it would be just perfect. :-)

Client: Hellenic Seaways
Agency: JNL+, Athens
Creative Director: Naya Koutroumani / Minas Migdalis
Copywriter: Naya Koutroumani
Illustrator: Minas Migdalis

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Riding without "Airbags"

Again a nice approaching for Wonderbra made in the Czech Republic. We all are familiar with the product so I guess I don't need to explain why the woman on the scooter is sitting backwards ;-) In case you are still wondering why... It's just because her "airbags" that thanks to Wonderbra became extra large, don't fit between her and the driver. :-)

Client: Wonderbra
Agency: TBWA, Prague,
Creative director: P. Bucha
Copywriter: J. Pouchin
Art Director: Ch. Salmon
Photographer: A. Meunier

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's a Man's world... this time ;-)

After the successful and award winning campaign McCann in Romania had done last year for Maggi (It's worth checking out here: It's a Wo-Mans World), they decided to move it further, but this time from the man's side. Very clever sequel I might say :-). The new campaign claims "If only men spent more time at home eating" instead of the previous: "If only women spent less time cooking". The visuals again use here known issues taken from the movie "Apocalypse now" renamed to "Apocalypse later" and the well known "War & peace" book by Tolstoy, renamed to Peace & peace", wanting to show how different things would have been in this case and how "soft" men could become. The fact that it is sort of the same concept, doesn't make it boring at all. So... summing up, what we have here is a big smart campaign promising to woman that they will not spend much time in the kitchen, while their husbands will never miss one of their meals again. Rather good don't you think?

Client: Nestle Romania / Maggi
Agency: McCann Erickson, Bucharest
Creative director: Adrian Botan / Alexandru Dumitrescu
Copywriter: Olivia Basag
Art Director: Ion Ludosanu
Photographer: Daniel Rizea
Illustrator: Daniel Rizea

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Fast as a bullet...

Copy: The new F350. The world's highest horsepower outboard.

Copy: The new F350 high speed outboard is coming.

Two ads with different visuals but the same "speed" concept, very well made by 1861 United in Italy. Specially the first one surprised me alot. It's rather hard to tell if the shot is taken from the sky showing a jet plane or from the sea showing a speed boat. I think this was the best way to say how fast the new Yamaha F350 Outboard engine really is, making a good combination with the copy. The second one (that actually was made first to introduce the new F350) Is showing a policeman on a sea buoy, together with his radar equipment waiting to give a ticket to the passing Yamaha engined boat. It's always good to see great work like this.

Client: Yamaha
Agency: 1861 United, Milan
Creative Director: Roberto Battaglia / Pino Rozzi
Copywriter: Laura Cattaneo
Art Director: Giorgio Cignoni
Photographer: Giovanni Pirajno

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's all about satisfaction...

This week I decided to put up a song (one of my favourites) from the Rolling Stones. I could also call it the national anthem of creatives. :-) Making a small modification on the lyrics could be necessary, by changing the word Satisfaction with Inspiration. This also makes me think of a silly joke we Greeks do sometimes, by pretending to speak very good English, by adding the ending "ation" on Greek words... Understand-ation what I mean? :-)

"The Unbreakables"

I like the connection made in this ad very much. Another simple made one, that has a good concept in it. I believe that in the game "Idea" VS "Effective Execution", the Idea always wins. This is a straight forward one that's quite easy to get and directly communicating. The ad shows a bending straw standing straight up. The copy says: "Anlene yoghurt drink. Prevents Osteoporosis." The white straw is playing the role of the bone and the joint can easily be connected with a strong knee. There it is... said it all! What could honestly be better than that?

Client: Anlene
Agency: BBDO Guerrero Ortega
Creative Director: James Bernardo
Copywriter: Tiffany King
Art Director: Mich Uy

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Don't Cover Your Ass

An odd advertising done in the U.K. for Remington hair trimmer and shaver. At first look it looked sort of disgusting, but after a second thought I tried to analyze the communication hid in it, bringing it down to real life. A man with hair problem on that particular place, has not really many choices... rather he leaves them as they are, or he asks somebody else to do it (probably by visiting an aesthetician to have a total permanent depilation). The chance to visit his local barber doesn't really exist and that is the funny part in it. This product here promises to make us do the job "home alone". The copy is claiming: "For all the places you don't want your barber to go". A remarkable spot, is a flag shown hanging from a building outside the window, if you have a closer look... It has a star on it, so I wonder... If the ad was colored, would that flag be red? hm... makes me think there might be a political meaning in it. It is kind of obvious that the whole art direction is trying to bring memories from some sort of "old days", that detail just reminds me that they don't want to make it look "Western's world" old days. Now isn't that a bit insulting for some people? :-/

By the way this reminds me of something else (not necessarily irrelevant, but didactic)...
There was an old donkey who fell down a well on a farm. The donkey cried & cried for the farmer to help him, but the farmer didn't care.
The farmer was getting tired of the noise the donkey was making, so he called all the villagers to help him bury the donkey in the well.
They started burying the donkey, but he would shake the dirt off his back, stomp on it, and make stairs to the top. Eventually he got out.
Then the donkey went and kicked the farmer, and the villagers too.
Moral of the story: No matter how much dirt life throws on your back, shake it off and don't let it bring you down.
REAL Moral of the story: Don't cover your ass 'cause it'll always come back to get you. :-)

Client: Remington Body Hair Trimmer
Agency: Grey, London
Creative Director: David Alberts
Copywriter: J Marlow / Jimmy Blom
Art Director: J Marlow / Jimmy Blom
Photographer: Paul Reas

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Rocky mountain way

When i saw this outdoor guerrilla I was just amazed. I have said before that finding the right use of the right place to do these things, is the best part and the most fun in advertising. Makes us understand what pays a creative's salary! The idea just couldn't be better... hm, ok maybe it could, but even in that case, no one has thought about it yet. :-) Sometimes I feel strange by explaining the ads shown, but please keep in mind that not all my "customers" are involved in advertising business. Soooo what we see here is a metro's staircase in Copenhagen, with an ad for Parkinson's Disease stuck on it... all it needs to show is a rough rocky mountain side that ofcourse is hard to climb. Now it's easy to make the connection, cause that's exactly how these ill people feel when climbing plain stairs. The copy reads: "The world looks different when you suffer from Parkinson's" Really makes you wonder doesn't it?

Danish Parkinson's Disease Association
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen
Creative Director: Simon Wooller
Copywriter: Simon Wooller / Silas Jansson / Cliff Kagawa Holm
Art Director: Silas Jansson / Cliff Kagawa Holm

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20.000 "clicks" over the sea?

Ok, to lots of you fellow bloggers out there, this might not seem as a "big" number, but I want to assume you, that's a huge number for my expectations! When i started running this blog a few months ago, I thought that there would be some people interesting in what I do, but since I had no experience in this before, I was sure the competition is large and Advert-Eyes is just another small pebble on an endless beach. Well you all proved me wrong. It honestly feels like a Jules Verne's fiction story to me! Now i know that in this field there are always people searching out there for inspiration (as I am doing myself) :-) . Hopefully this is just a beginning and more of you will enjoy it in the future. I really feel as I have to thank you all (temporary & permanent visitors) for your support. Creativity is the only thing left at the end, no-matter in what way someone can take that. So I wish you all to be a bit more creative every day of your life that goes by. Ideas can never be blocked out as long as you stay informed and inspired... THANX :-)

Making a big (or small) mess

Following Tide's concept (or is it the other way around? I wonder who came first!) Ariel has also released a "pocket" easy to carry along cleaning product! Now we all knew the normal Ariel washing powder, (that by the way I believe is the best - my mum would never change it), but here is a campaign comparing these two subsidiary products (Ariel Pocket & Compact) showing in a clever way the purpose of each. The ads are made again in that well known ad school "Miami" that still keeps surprising me every time! The concept explains with a satisfying doze of humour, how to use the "Pocket Ariel" on small stains or the "Compact Ariel" on large ones, for any situation someone might get involved to... big or small ones. Bravo!

Agency: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg
Copywriter: Jan Iohse / Patrick Duever
Art Director: Jan Iohse / Patrick Duever

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Pulling trees!

Saatchi in Denmark did a great job with this ambient ad for WWF. The target was to make people understand that saving paper is very much connected with saving the planet also! Using a standard paper dispenser with a transparent window on it in the shape of South America, they show how the planet easily can run out of paper/tree/forests by watching the paper dispenser periodically running out! A stunning concept easy to get and very communicative.

Client: WWF
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen
Creative Director: Simon Wooller
Copywriter: Cliff Kagawa Holm / Silas Jansson
Art Director: Cliff Kagawa Holm / Silas Jansson

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Womenswear (Envy)

Restaurant (Greedy)

Menswear (Sloth)

Beauty (Vanity)

A campaign done for Harvey Nichol's 5 floor store in London, talking about the seven deadly sins... 4 actually shown here. I liked very much the photography and the art direction. The copy claims: "four sins in five floors". I guess each sin shown hear is for one floor (Restaurant, Womenswear, Menswear and Beauty). The connection between the concept's subject and the sin visualized is very good... I just wonder what the floor missing here is about. :-)

Client: Harvey Nichols
Agency: DDB, London
Creative Director: Adam Tucker/ Justin Tindall
Copywriter: Adam Tucker
Art Director: Justin Tindall

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A nose for trouble!

A weird but interesting art direction for Mentitas Mints. The funny way of approaching this product, hopefully will work positively and not the other way around, scaring future clients away ;-) The copy claims: "Stop the torture. Strong mints". The visual shows the mouth torturing the nose, cause of the strong mints he just ate!.. but what about the eyes? are they ok? :-) I like the idea, different from the already done plenty of times "running nose".

Client: Mentitas
Agency: Lowe Porta, Santiago
Copywriter: Pablo Gallardo / Kiko Carcavilla
Art Director: Mariano Perez / Damian Balmaceda
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day (for the environment)

Today October 15th, is the "blog action day". Most of you bloggers are already informed about that topic. I felt a small need to participate in that also, so i decided that today's posting will have to do with that. This is a inspired ad made for Greenpeace, wanting to save some trees. The copy says: "Recycle paper. Save trees"... Now you might not notice at first sight, but take a closer look to this ad. It's worth understanding what is so nice about it. The trees in this photo are not drawn on it, they are shaped from the paper's edge cut-out (probably when it was subtracted from the note-book it once belonged to). The message comes to you at once when you see it. You can immediately notice the connection between paper and trees! So simple and so great. In our field (creative activity), Lots of us I believe, don't treat paper as something really important... All i can suggest (after a good lesson i was taught by my colleague Dimitra) Is to think before you print, and even better than that, always recycle the big excess of paper load, that usually ends up in the trash bin!
In Greece, this year's summer was a great tragedy... The worse one in the history of forest-fires. The biggest part of "Peloponnese" was burnt. I really wonder when & if I will ever see that beautiful "green-piece" green again! This only brings me to the conclusion of how important recycling is nowadays!

Client: Greenpeace
Agency: JWT, Makati / Manila
Creative Director: Dave Ferrer
Copywriter: Joey Ong
Art Director: Joey Ong / Dave Ferrer
Photographer: Francis Rivera
Retoucher: Procolor

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mister Ed (The talking horse)

Some of you might remember that TV show with Wilbur Post and his talking horse Ed (I slightly remember it as a baby kid)... this is what came to my mind when i saw this ad. Educated horses for VW and i can guess when they say horses, they mean horse-power. 170 of them in the new Golf Gt Sport 2.0 and all well educated (French, Piano and Ballet lessons were included)... Nice Photo. :-)

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: DDB milan
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Cristina Marcellini / Hugo Gallardo
Photographer: Winkler & Noah

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Norton to the rescue...

Well these two young creatives seem to do really great work! A big surprise coming from The Netherlands with this new Norton Systemworks Campaign of three! The idea is based on the Windows XP desktop theme were it looked a bit dull until now :-) Kris and Stella took this theme and added 3 Norton tools on it, one in each one of them... First there is Norton taking care of the system on the desktop my moaning the loan, cleaning things up a bit... Then comes the Anti-virus guy, searching around for Viruses that probably look like mines for the PC and last comes the Norton Guard keeping an eye on it day and night. Very straight, loud and clear campaign. Ok, maybe the retouching is not the best around but still looks fine and works great. Good job guys... keep it up :-)
A few more works to see in their portfolio site:

Client: Norton Systemworks
Agency: SK (Stella & Kris), Haarlem
Creative Director: Kris Spape / Stella Geurtsen

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Friday, October 12, 2007

This is a Job for... Super-Vanish!

Nice clean and simple concept for Vanish stain remover. A campaign made in Bangkok. The ads show people pulling of their dirty clothes, not because they are Clark Kent turning into Superman, but because they are wearing the same outfit under the stained ones, meaning that with "Vanish" someone feels like he has a spare new one, since Vanish takes away all the stains leaving clothes and colors like brand new... All this told only by one photo :-)

Client: Vanish
Agency: Euro RSCG Flagship, Bangkok
Copywriter: Passapol L. / Walita G.
Art Director: Wiboon L. / Narudol K.
Photographer: Cherdwood S.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The miracle of life!

A cool campaign for the new N2 Neonode mobile phone. The art direction is nice, the concept is very good, meaning that it becomes a part of you and the photography is fantastic done... (did I mention the retouching? cause it's also very good!) Sweden seems to be doing a great job in advertising. I found this "got you under my skin" idea very original. The copy claims: No buttons. All you" and signs: "Don't think. Feel." Fits perfectly with the visuals.
But there is more to it... Look how it all began with a very unique blog...

Somewhere in the beginning of this year (early February) A guy called Bjorn Svensson, working as a product manager for Neodone, actually got pregnant!!! Yes, he is the guy that brought this mobile phone to life. He is describing the hard time of his pregnancy in his blog, without ofcourse explaining from the very first beginning, what this is really all about - maybe someone could buy it ;-) - Have you ever seen a better use of media, and specifically Internet blog? I found it Amazing. (I just he really the product manager?) :-O
P.S: Hey Bjorn, next time if they are twins... can i keep a black one please? ;-)

Also don't forget to check out the blog site, to get the whole idea of how it was promoted.

Agency: Publicis Stockholm
Copywriter: Malin Akersten
Art Director: Yasin Lekorchi
Photographer: Niklas Alm / Vostro
Retoucher: Sofia Cederstrom / Vostro

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Look who's laughing!

It looks like fish do laugh out loud!... and if fish don't I guess we will after this funny looking campaign. A view from the fish eye is what these ads are showing, like looking through a disfiguring glass. The copy claims: "give fish a laugh". We can all recall how fish look inside an aquarium... what we don't really know is how we look to them ;-) Yep, I'm sure they will be laughing their guts out. The only thing that makes me more confident, is the fact that I've read somewhere about their memory... it only lasts 6 seconds... (now who's laughing?) ;-)

Client: Warsaw Zoo Aquarium
Agency: McCann Erickson, Warsaw
Creative Director: Iwona Kluszczynska / Wojciech Dagiel
Copywriter: Iwona Kluszczynska / Wojciech Dagiel
Art Director: Dawid Marcinkowski / Wojciech Dagiel / Iwona Kluszczynska
Photographer: Piotr Porebski
Retoucher: Zbyszek Rudomino

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