Friday, November 30, 2007

Papa was a rolling stone...

Again an "old-timers" campaign done by Energy BBDO in Chicago. Although these visuals are rapidly repeated, looks like it gets more interesting each time :-) In 2008 it will be Canadian's Club 150th anniversary, so these ads are out to celebrate this. The result is nice by using candid photos of "dads" from past decades. All these men, ofcourse drank Canadian Club and had as a result, becoming cool ;-) I found the copy very good too, It's worth every penny. The photos shown are actually true ones... You can even see Dan Tullio in one of them, which is Canadian Club's global brand ambassador! I think that it's a "cool" and pretty emotional campaign after all. Have to go over my pap's pics again now, just in case he was a flower-power guy too (and that could really explain some things).

Client: Canadian Club Whiskey
Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago
Creative Director: Derek Sherman / Jason Stanfiel
Copywriter: Derek Sherman
Art Director: Jason Stanfield
Photographer: Robert Whitman

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Men at work!

24 Service in Austria is a service for car break downs, working 24 hours a day (as it's name tells us). To promote their services, they used a pretty weird ambient guerrilla ad. They placed a Mechanic-man effigy underneath their car, as if he was working to fix it. They drove around the city with the two plastic legs sticking out! I don't need to mention that all glances were grabbed by this spectacle ;-) Maybe a bit of a grim joke but looks like a wonderful idea to get attention :-)

Client: Service 24 Austria
Agency: Jung von Matt / Donau Werbeagentur, Vienna
Creative Director: Andreas Putz / Gerd Schulte-Doinghaus
Copywriter: Bernd Wilfinger
Art Director: Maximillian Luczynski

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Smiles got there :-)

A very nice students work done in Brazil. The concept is for Fedex, a very well known courier company. The idea here is pretty simple and maybe not too easy to get but sure is great! The three ads plainly use typography to give the message... From "Here" becomes "There" when the package arrives, hiding inside the letter "T". In the same way "Go" becames "Got" and "Miles" become "Smiles" after the delivery. That one is more hard to understand but works also, since a nice package you might be waiting for, can ofcourse make you happy. :-) I also like the distinctive use of the logo on the box. Shown exactly as much as it should be, for a well known company like Fedex. Well done Luciana and Leo, I'm sure we'll see soon more great job from you two!

Fedex Corporation
Universidade Anhembi Morumbi Ad School, Sao Paulo
Copywriter: Luciana Elaiuy
Art Director: Leo Valadao

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Put your head on my shoulders...

Three ads constitute this campaign made for Head & Shoulders Shampoo in Romania. Head & Shoulders is not an ordinary shampoo, it is an anti-dandruff one, so let's analyze what is actually shown here... The ads are photo shots obviously from the past as the copy also tells us: "Since 1961" and that is the reason why the photos seem to be full of "dust & scratches" exactly as the "old-timer" pictures were. The big difference here is that the hair in the photos look very tidy, shiny and clean with no effect on them ;-) Easy to understand that even on aged photos the dandruff won't show. I see that lately the "old-times" concept is becoming a fashion, used very often, but in this case I also like it.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Bucharest
Creative Director: Nick Hine
Copywriter: Jorg Riommi / Arturo Vittorioso
Art Director: Daniela Nedelschi / Jorg Riommi / Arturo Vittorioso
Photographer: Carioca

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Pull the string...

A simple and beautiful concept for Odol med 3 Dental Floss, showing the pulled out floss line, as text, used for the ad's copy. You have to zoom in to see what is really written there. The line is replaced by different food names going on and on. What the ad is really showing is all the kind of food the floss can clear away from your teeth. Nice idea for a "many-way" advertised product.

Odol Med 3
Agency: Atletico International, Berlin
Creative Director: Arndt Dallmann
Art Director: Lars Hodeige
Copywriter: Anne Katrin Trybek
Photographer: Christian Schmidt

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Let's get Physical...

This is really an original idea made in the U.S.A. An outdoor campaign for Snickers Marathon Energy bar. The whole concept is based on everyday situations, except here they are treated as gymnastic exercises :-) They are meant to look as signs (usually found in gyms) showing you the right way the exercise must be done and which muscles are exactly trained. I didn't like much the pick of colours at first sight, but after a second thought, I believe it is correct. After all it must look as the typical sketches hanging over the gyms organs. The copy claims: "Life is exercise. Snickers Marathon is energy."

Client: Masterfoods/Snickers
Agency: BBDO New York, New York
Creative Director: Gianfranco Arena / Peter Kain
Copywriter: Peter Kain
Art Director: Gianfranco Arena

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Natural feeling

So finally here I am! Wasn't too long now was it? ;-) Time to get back to work... When I saw this ad it reminded me alot the WWF one shown here "Life is a setting" but used for another purpose. I liked the art direction and the beautiful and light way the balloon cloud looks like. Definitely looks like the place I was the last several days (just take away the fake tree and add a couple of brown bears to the scene) Gosh, I already miss that :-)

Nestle / All Natural Yoghurt
Agency: Cummins & Partners, Melbourne
Copywriter: Matthew Page
Art Director: Carolyn Davis
Photographer: Derek Swalwell

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

All my Lovin'...

Close your eyes and I'll kiss you,
Tomorrow I'll miss you,
Remember I'll always be true!

Sorry for doing this, but I earned my 1 week vacation, after some weekend's working time. OK, I'll be more honest here... I'm not VERY sorry :-). I have planned a week in some mountains, hoping to find some snow also (they assured me there will be), and as I have already explained in a previous post, my plans include LONG time sleeping ;-) So stay tuned, a week is really not much, and I have left you some ads to check while I'm gone. Just don't check them all at once, do an ad a day (like the apple thing) and all your worries will disappear. I will be back before you notice. Hope you all have a great weekend (as I will have two) ;-) I will miss ya, and to prove that, I'm leaving you a relevant tune from the Beatles :-) See you all soon...

Plastic Security

A good concept coming from South Africa. The ad shows a bank money transferring car, protecting it's window with a piece of "Tuffy" plastic bag! Maybe the armored vehicle got shot and the window broke... but nothing can pass it now since Tuffy took up the job ;-) Pretty cool idea for a plastic bag product.

Client: Tuffy Plastic Bags
Agency: Joe Public, Johanesburg
Copywriter: Vincent Osmond
Art Director: Mpumi Zingitwa
Photographer: Clive Stewart

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Mini Dukes of Hazzard

I fell on another ad for mini, this time a Canadian one. It's a magazine ad showing the Mini ready to take off from a ramp... what's great about it, is that the ramp actually is a 3D one made from another piece of paper attached between the spread sheet. When it's on the left page you see a business reply card on it covering the Mini car. When you turn it on the right page, the mini is visible and ready to jump. The reply card can be cut out and sent to the company, asking for a few free goodies or a brochure. It's a very creative and fantastic idea to turn a boring coupon card in an interesting visual game.

MINI Cananda
Agency: TAXI 2, Toronto
Creative Director: Lance Martin
Copywriter: Greg Buri
Art Director: Mike Blanch
Illustrator: Nabil Elsaadi

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Good as old

Another before and after concept, but mch different to what we are used to see around. This looks very clever made. The after concept refers to the past. The ad is for Than- Khun Classic Cars Restoration, and wants to show that what is new is actually not! And that can be told in several ways. what is new today does not really impress as much as an antique car that is brand-new restored. It also is not so new as a recently restored one. It hasn't been made with the tenderness and difficulties that the restorer found in his way. And last but not least it's probably not worth as much as the "old" one. The original restored old car must really be like a time-traveling machine... if it's original, you will feel like you're living in the past (in an exciting way), I know that from personal experience :-)

Than-Khun Classic Cars Restoration Service
Agency: SC Matchbox Co. Ltd., Bangkok
Creative Director: Vinai Ngamphathipong / Kraichit Chareonpanish
Art Director: Nuttayut Sankla
Photographer: Chub Nokkeaw

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Our future must be the past!

This is a social interest ad from the Electric Industrial Company "Matsushita" in Japan. The copy says: "Today's children imagine a greener world that adults often neglected" A very nice line, considering the past tense of the word "neglect". The adults this ad is talking about, were also once upon a time little kids, that didn't care much about a green future. Actually they couldn't know what was there to come. The ad shows two artworks done by small children. One made in year 1979 and one made in 2006... What looks amazing about it is that in the past, children imagined the future full of technology (true)... now what children ask for is more green! They imagine a future with trees and nature surroundings, but it's presented as if it's some sort of fiction, compared to the spacemen in the 1979 drawing. How sad to ask to get back what once was plentiful. One thing is for sure... Children only speak truth!

Client: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Agency: Dentsu Inc. Kansai, Osaka
Creative Director: Shinichi Tada
Copywriter: Hisayuki Ito
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi

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We're Jamming...

This here is a direct mail ad for Double A paper.The aim was to promote the quality of the Double A paper and the ability it has, to print on it without getting stuck in the printer. What JWT in Dubai did, was to send envelopes to clients with non-Double A papers inserted in them. This paper was glued inside the envelope, making it difficult that way to pull it out. Once the paper was out it seemed to be torn a bit, with the message "Frustrated with paper jams in your printer?" on it. I think it's a pretty straight and right way to advertise the product, bringing you instantly in mind, all the problems you had from the past with paper-jams.

Advance Agro Public Company
Agency: JWT, Dubai
Copywriter: Tushar Kadam / Moaiad Khaiti
Art Director: Firas Medrows

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Silence is golden

A campaign for Siemens Vacuum cleaner that looks like its continuing the previous "non-noise" campaign. The copy says: "The particularly quiet vacuum cleaners from Siemens. The future moving in". This time we see a Yoga class, which needs a lot of concentration, and a psychotherapy session, not being disturbed by the cleaning lady using the quiet vacuum. Nice sequel, I like it :-)

Client: Siemens-Electrogeraete
Agency: Scholz & Friends, Hamburg
Creative Director: Gunnar Loeser / Heiko Schmidt / Stefan Setzkorn / Matthias Schmidt
Copywriter: Alexander Schierl / Vincent Fazelly
Art Director: Axel Schilling / Marc Ebenwaldner / Pia Schneider
Photographer: Hiepler / Burnier

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If you wanna ride, don't ride the white horse!

A Social Welfare Campaign abou Drug Rehabilitation, made for Focus Rehab Centre in the U.K. The visuals show us three different old persons addicted to drugs by using three different drug methods (Cocaine, Heroine and Crack). What the copy claims here is: "There's no such thing as an old junkie. Take back your future", meaning ofcourse that a drug user will never reach the ages shown in these ads. I really love that message, cause first of all it is true, and "take back your future", just sounds great for this case! Strong ad, but a "must see" one!

Client: Focus 12 Rehab Centre
Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London
Copywriter: Bern Hunter
Art Director: Mike Bond
Photographer: Spike Watson

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Those were the days my friend...

Do you guys remember that car-road toy that was very popular, specially in the 70's - 80's? Jung von Matt in Switzerland made an ad for Mini car, shown in a package exactly like that :-) The only difference is that there are no "straight" lines! In this package only curve lines can be found ;-) The copy says: "Love curves? Let's Mini". Nice communicating, as I am also one of those who used to treat cars as a toy :-) Unfortunately growing up brought me to the opposite side, of seeing a car as a tool. Oh, I miss those days!

Agency: Jung von Matt, Zurich
Creative Director: Michael Rottmann
Copywriter: Tom Seinige
Art Director: David Hanselmann
Photographer: Patrick Rohner

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Dancing in the class

This here seems to be a nice idea for Studio in Essence dancing classes. The copy reads: "Pole dancing classes". It is showing a typical classroom with a blackboard on the wall, where the teacher "Mrs Smith" has written her name on it... Obviously while she was upside-down on the pole! Or is it just because she is getting used of seeing the world that way? It doesn't really matter since it's easy to understand what's it talking about. I checked out their website, trying to see if Mrs Smith is really teaching there, but had no luck in finding her :-)

Studio in Essence
Agency: Extreme Group, Halifax
Creative Director: Shawn King
Copywriter: Bruce Whelan
Art Director: Kevin Fidgen
Illustrator: Darren Hubley

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Alot like Lemmings!

This ad was made for Vorwerk Vacum Cleaner in Germany. The visual shows thousands of dust mites panicked and crying out loud, as the vacum cleaner passes them by, eliminating their mates! The copy is claiming: "Dreaded by dust mites: The Tiger 260. Vorwerk". It's a pitty the Ad is not in High-resolution to read exactly what is written in those tiny balloons... I thought it was the word "help" but it's not clear enough to say. The whole concept reminds me somehow that good old self-destructing "Lemmings" game (but it is a myth that they do suicide anyway) :-)

Client: Vorwerk Germany
Agency: Ogilvy, Frankfurt
Creative Director: Simon Oppmann / Peter Roemmelt
Copywriter: Holger Gaubatz
Art Director: Marc Zinnecker
Photographer: Joachim Bacherl

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

hide and seak :-O

I liked the simplicity and clearness in these ads for Pepsodent's Flexipic Toothbrush. The ads show a close-up of teeth with food hidden between them. The food is represented by whole animals, such as a rooster, a fish and a pig. The copy says: "The toothbrush with the toothpick. Removes hidden food." A neat campaign I believe, with very good art direction.

Pepsodent Flexipic
Agency: Lowe, Mumbai
Copywriter: Brijesh Jacob
Art Director: Virendra Vilankar / Sujit Sawant
Illustrator: Vinay Brahamania

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Puking dolls!

Rethink strikes again :-) A good advertising for Playland Amusment Park. Puppets can easily be connected to a Luna Park, since it's usually a prize to win there (not to mention the dressed up people that stroll around there to amuse us). What is going on here, is that the stuffed dolls are puking after some "wild ride" they probably had in the park. This is a good reminder, not to eat before you go on the fairy's wheel or the roller coaster ;-) What is (at least) cute about it is that the puke is only cotton, from their inner stuffing, (or maybe candy-floss they just ate?), so that doesn't really make it disgusting. Kids wouldn't really like the view of real vomiting ;-)

Client: Playland Amusment Park
Agency: Rethink, Vancouver
Creative Director: Ian Grais / Chris Staples
Art Director: Ian Grais
Photographer: Hans Sipma

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Through the looking glass?

Another BMW ad coming from the far East, and to be more specific, from Japan. I hate to admit this but I will be honest... I have no Idea what's going on in this ad :-) All I can get is the English copy "Emotional Engineering" But I love the art direction and photography. I can guess it's a shot taken under the car as if it is standing on a glass road, but I haven't the faintest clue what the Japanese copy is all about. Maybe the secret is hidden on the glass road... maybe it's talking about safety... or even better... Maybe some JP friend can help? :-/ It seems like an episode from "Lost" to me. The "Through the looking glass" one :-)

BMW Japan Corp.
Agency: Frontage Inc., Tokyo
Creative Director: Toru Shinoda
Copywriter: Kozo Nakamura
Art Director: Junji Fujimori
Photographer: Takakazu Aoyama

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Don't make an ass of yourself.

This ad looks funny enough to make you smile... The copy claims: "For a real BMW: Original BMW parts." It's easy to guess that the horses are the BMW's horse-power and the intruder is the Donkey (or Ass if you prefer), that probably is a result of "using the wrong parts"! The concept doesn't seem very original though, It has been used in the past for Yamaha and Honda ads (not exactly the same concept and not with the same animals ofcourse), I can recall Yamaha using a monkey and Honda using a mix of different between them animals (shark with goldfish for example) for their original parts campaign 5-6 years ago in Greece, to show the result of a non original product. So I guess it's the first Idea someone can get for this sort of product, but I don't really blame them, as for me also it remains the best way to show right away what you mean ;-)
Max explained me exactly what is shown here...
"To show that we're inside the engine bay, the windows are kidney-shaped like the typical radiator grill of a BMW.
The horses are symbolic for the horsepower of the motor. So with all original parts you got the perfect horses under your hood, but with non original parts, you got yourself donkey-power."
Thank you Max.

Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg
Creative Director: Thimoteus Wagner
Copywriter: Max Biedermann
Art Director: Oleg Friesen
Illustrator: Oleg Friesen

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Monday, November 12, 2007

The "Fat Boys" Code

An Illustration showing Da Vinci's Vitruvian man in a different way, according to our days, is what this ad is communicating. When Leonardo da Vinci drew this sketch in 1492, he was probably thinking of the perfect proportions of the human body... Today it could look like this, having in mind how people tend to manage their eating habits! Not an easy one to get I must admit (as you have to make the connection why Da Vinci made this), but still seems interesting. Hope Leonardo doesn't charge them for copyrights ;-) Thanks Alex.

Client: World Day Against Obesity
Agency: Cream, Athens
Copywriter: Alex Esslin
Art Director: Filimonas Triantafyllou
illustrator: fivebluewishes

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Follow the wind...

A nice campaign made for Saab by McCann in Spain. It is advertising the Convertible 93 Saab model. The visuals that look and actually are hair (female I assume) want to show us the affect that air has on hair, while strolling by a field or sea road with a cabriolet car. Very popular sort of cars in Mediterranean countries (mostly cause of long periods of warm weather). I like this sort of approaching for an open-top car campaign.

Agency: McCann Erickson, Barcelona
Copywriter: Joaquin Barbero
Art Director: Mario Garcia Cadafalch
Photographer: Josep Maria Roca

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Growing nails

This ad was made in China for GITI tyres. The visual shows a nail transformed into some sort of shallot. That's how a nail seems for a GITI tyre GT688. It wants to communicate that the tyre cannot be drilled. The copy reads: "Anti-puncture Tire". Sure looks different.

Client: GITI Tire Investment Co. Ltd
Agency: Meikao Creative Consulting, Shanghai
Copywriter: Bo Yu
Art Director: Liang Yuan

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Rod Laver's revival :-)

Wow, was what I said when I saw this one! Just great advertising. All said in this image of an explosion's mushroom made from the tennis ball, right on the line of the court. Very strong ad indeed showing the strength of the racquet. Sure looks like an "Ace" from Rod Laver... Aussies seem to be doing a great job down-unda. :-)

Client: Slazenger Tennis Racquets
Agency: The Furnace, Sydney
Copywriter: Jay Furby / Luke Duggan
Art Director: Luke Duggan
Photographer: Toby Burrows

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stick 'em up!

Here is a different concept for Continental tyres that was made by Grey in Norway. To say how sticky the tyre is on the road they are showing it as if it's some sort of sticky tape placed in the tape's base. I don't know how affective this ad can really be, as I think that the sticky part should be on the other side of the tape. Isn't it supposed to stick on the road and not on the wheel-rim? :-/ The good thing about it is that you get the idea at once (maybe the copy was not needed). I also like the designing of the tape's case, it looks very much sports car-shaped. :-)

Continental Tyres
Agency: Grey, Oslo
Creative Director: Jo Espen Johansen
Copywriter: Christian Flatlie, Marianne Knutsen,
Sverre Hytten, Terje Borg
Art Director: Tonje Klaeboe, Tutta Saetra, Tom Nissen, Knut Olsen

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


One of the best Art Directions I have seen lately. Ears shown as butterflies, going straightly on earphone-flowers. Great choice of colors too. The idea is good and the whole visual looks very sensual as it should be for a music topic. I don't know why, but it reminds me somehow the ad made for the "Symphony in red" concert in Germany, that Greek Nikos Tziopanos directed. (If you haven't seen it, Google it up, it's really worth it), but probably it's just me... Asia and Singapore can really amaze us when it comes to art! The copy claims: "Follow your ears."

Client: Sony
Agency: Y&R Asia, Singapore
Copywriter: Justin White
Art Director: Somjai Satjatham
Photographer: Teo Chai Guan
Illustrator: Evan Lim

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