Sunday, December 23, 2007

You asked for it... We will do it

As soon as I'm back starting from 8th of January, Advert-Eyes will be muted :-) Looks like the message is delivered to our DJ, so he decided to quit ;-) Although the voting will continue till the end of this year (2007), he doesn't really hope much for a change. So, all you music "haters" will be happy with the arrival of the new year. See you all then in a very quiet area! :-)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

My best wishes...

I don't really like posting ads I made, but since it is Christmas, I wanted to share one with you. This will be the last ad posted here for this year... I will return next year with more. It's for a client of ours, that has a Motorcycle Store wishing "merry Christmas" to his clients, but I don't think the visuals are that bad (looks a bit different from the usuals, since green is missing). The copy translated to English says: "We remain on the top of your choices. For that we thank you and wish you all happy holidays"... So I also wish the same to all you out there... Have a wonderful Xmas time and may 2008 bring you all, whatever it is you desire most and thank you all once again for supporting this blog. Personally I hope for one thing most: "Health" for all the world. I know it sounds as a "cliche", but it is sooooo true no-matter what! All the best to all of you. See you in January 8th.

Moto Vinios
Agency: Mototech S.A., Athens
Copywriter: George Kribenis / Takis Zigourakis
Art Director: Takis Zigourakis
Photographer: StockXchng

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Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow...

Ebb&Flow agency came up with this ad to wish everybody a merry christmas and a happy new year, By using their logo as falling snow and renaming their agency to Ebb & Snow for this period of time... Merry Christmas to you too Jon and everybody else in the agency :-)

Client: Ebb&Flow Season's Greetings
Agency: Ebb&Flow, London
Creative Director: Jon Daniel

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Santa vs E.T

A nice Xmas illustration and ad for French SCI FI Channel. It seems that Santa had an accident with an alien, so he is giving to the police a report, while the alien is arrested. Funny Christmas theme, but a good choice for a Fiction channel. The copy is saying: "Sci fi channel wishes you a Merry Christmas".

Client: NBC Universal Networks
Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris
Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras
Copywriter: Arnaud Assouline
Art Director: Benjamin Le Breton
Illustrator: Jacques Parnel

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Cherish wishes...

Esselunga supermarkets in Italy, are running a huge campaign with the line: "Famous in quality". They use vegetable products, appearing as famous persons or themes. First they started mixing vegetables with animals trying to make us figure out what they were (animals or vegetables). I believe a new one is going on now, using food products to show the zodiac star signs. I am posting here just one sample of their campaign, as it is impossible to post them all (there must be more than 50!) I liked the wish they are making, so I am also wishing to you all the same... Cherry Xmas! :-)

Client: Esselunga Supermarket
Agency: Armando Testa S.p.A., Torino
Creative Director: Otello Fraternale
Photographer: Roberto Dri / Emanuele Marietti / Nino Chrironna

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Coke addicted

The "new" good old way to advertise Coca-Cola, done in New Zealand. Looks fresh enough, even if it is done in the original 50's style, looking like pin-up girls. I liked them a lot, as I usually like there ads almost every time :-) A nice "summer" break in the middle of winter time, for all those that dream of the time they will be on the beach again (By the way, it is summer time in New Zealand now) ;-)

Client: Coca Cola
Agency: Publicis Mojo, Auckland
Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Agency: Far East DDB Bangkok
Copywriter: Guy Denniston
Art Director: Emmanuel Bougneres

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rendezvous at Sunset

Bifacid is an ant-acid pharmaceutical product for the stomach. This ad is similar to others that Saatchi in Sweden has done before, in the form of simplicity. What we see here is a sunset beach landscape, with a pair of human kind figures holding hands, obviously sharing a romantic moment. These figures are well known, from signs hanging on WC doors (for Male & Female toilet rooms). What is going on is explained on the copy that calims: "For stomachs on holiday." So you're stomachs will be having a great time! Good ad in my opinion.

Client: Bifacid
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm
Creative Director: Adam Kerj / Fredrik Preisler
Copywriter: Magnus Jakobsson
Art Director: Nima Stillerud
Photographer: Getty Images

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Red cross in a box

I found this ad's art direction very simple and beautiful. The well known "red-cross" made in a different way, by using an opened red box. What could be better for emphasizing the word "give"? The copy says: "When you give, we give." And I believe by seeing this visual all you really feel like doing is give.

Client: Red Cross
Agency: JWT, Chennai
Creative Director: Joono Simon
Copywriter: Charles Victor
Art Director: Joono Simon

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One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer & One Wine!

This campaign here tells us that "Nobody can resist", meaning there wine of course. The ads are coming from our neighbour country Turkey and are showing 3 different sort of glasses, (A small one for shots, A whiskey one and a beer one), standing next to bottles of Doluca wines. What they want to say is that people who don't usually drink wine, now do! Clever and well executed.

Client: Doluca Wines
Agency: DDB&Co., Levent
Creative Director: Karpat Polat
Copywriter: Karpat Polat
Art Director: Ali Bati / Burak Kunduracioglu

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Save paper, or not? :-/

Isn't this very creative? A guerrilla ad taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany, showing a huge toilet paper roll, with no paper left on it! The copy is claiming: "Germany's favorite laxative." Brilliant idea to advertise a Laxative product, by plainly showing that the paper will just not be enough for you... So just keep that in mind, kiss your troubles goodbye, visit your local super-market store, make sure you got a big supply of paper and only then use a "Ducolax" :-)
I believe the Greenpeace guys, will be upset with this product!

Client: Dulcolax
Agency: Euro RSCG, Dusseldorf
Creative Director: Felix Glauner / Harald Wittig / Martin Breuer
Copywriter: Kajo Titus Strauch
Art Director: Ingmar Krannich

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Keep it safe

A nice Greek social warning ad about the HIV virus. The copy reads: "It is your sex life. Not a crash test!" And it sounds pretty convincing! The idea is good using a couple of crash test dummies performing (or trying to perform) sex, meaning that's what we become, when we're not having safe sex. Greece is rather a low risk aids country, compared to other European ones, but it is good to keep it that way, since the cases are rising every day that passes by. Nice concept here, looks like it works.

Client: Aids Awareness Social Interest
Agency: D'arcy, Athens
Copywriter: Lefteris Maggos
Art Director: Vasilis Kanellopoulos

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Rockin' around the Christmas tree

These here are in-store Holiday Advertisements for Folkway Music Guitar Store in Canada. All three of them in this campaign are using plectrums (used for playing the guitar) all "dressed-up" as a Christmas tree, Santa's hat and a bell. I like the visuals, although the idea is not really a strong one, it connects what it has to say: A Music Guitar store wishing you a Merry Xmas :-) Maybe Santa will come along with his "Fender" this year to sing us "Jingle bells rock" ;-)

Client: Folkway Music Guitar Store
Agency: OneMethod Inc., Toronto
Creative Director: Steve Miller
Copywriter: Steve Miller
Art Director: Ryan Otake

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hanimal Lecter !

Is it true that this concept feels a bit disturbing? Or is it just me? The idea here is that Fish, Chicken & Duck taste so good that they just can't resist eating themselves! The campaign is done for Thai Rachachuros Seasoning spice, that definitely improves the flavor of your food. Message is delivered quick, but as I said, it's that visuals that scare me. I wouldn't like to get a bite from that fish, while trying to get its bones out of the way :-/

Thai Rachachuros
Agency: Far East DDB, Bangkok
Copywriter: Chatree U-phathump
Art Director: Gongpan Uphathumprongpong / Sirichai

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Bend it like Beckham

"Football anywhere" is what this ad's copy claims for Telia, a Swedish mobile network company that now also provides television service to its subscribers, just by sending a text message. The guy in the ad is the new-born baby's father, and is supposed to photograph his wife and kid. Instead of that, he found a good opportunity to watch the game, while he is pretending to take that photo. I don't really blame him, cause if it was "Olympiacos" playing that game, I would probably do the same ;-)

Client: Telia Sonera
Agency: Storakers McCann, Stockholm
Copywriter: Christian Sundgren
Art Director: Jonas Frank
Photographer: Bisse / Adamsky

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa claus "was" coming to town!

A christmas ad for Cultura stores made in France. A visual of Santa is shown under some packs of presents, covering him all up. Probably the store has so many things that Santa just can't handle by himself. Well since he just can't stop shopping, why doesn't he call his elfs for a helping hand? I was very disapointed though to find out that his presents are not hand-made, but bought from Cultura :-( Wish I haven't seen this. I prefered living in ignorance. ;-)

Client: Cultura
Agency: DDH, Bordeaux
Creative Director: Christophe Pernaudet
Copywriter: Serge Legrand
Art Director: Thomas Birch
Photographer: Sebastien Cottereau

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Friday, December 14, 2007

I drove all night...

A non-stop driving campaign for Volkswagen Jetta, done in Malaysia. Looks pretty funny, showing the pizza boy, delivering on the way and a mobile car wash in the other :-) The idea is that you're gonna love this car so much, you just can't stop driving it. The copy claims: "The Jetta. Made to keep you driving". So comfortable you won't need to make any stops while traveling ;-) Good concept. Lets you get straight into it.

Client: VW Jetta
Agency: DDB, Kuala Lumpur
Copywriter: Roger Pe
Art Director: Desmond Phang
Photographer: Brandon Wong

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leave a light on for me....

This South African ad here also seems weird at first glance, but doesn't take much to hit you. You can easily tell what's going on. Instead of the light house showing its light you see a Maglite torch throwing its light on the light house! Probably from some fisherman or some boat trying to find out where exactly it is, since it doesn't seem to be lit. A great concept to show such a product. Looks like it works good.

King James, Cape Town
Creative Director: Alistair King
Copywriter: Jacques Shalom
Art Director: Wallace Seggie
Photographer: Getty Images
Illustrator: Haydn Fairman / Anthony Murray

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For your eyes only

A simple but good ad done for Max Factor in Turkey. So simple that makes you think why nobody else has ever done this before. The idea is making the eye-glass holder, that leans on the nose grow longer, just to communicate that your eye-lashes are so long now, that cannot fit behind the glasses anymore... simple as I said and effective. :-)

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
Agency: Markom Leo Burnett, Consantinopole
Creative Director: Yasar Akbas/ Idil Akoglu Ergulen
Copywriter: Selva Bayyurt
Art Director: Yucel Bilgin
Photographer: Ilkay Muratoglu

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stuck in the middle with you!

This is a 2 in 1 combination of a print ad campaign and a guerrilla. I find it very hard to explain cause I feel a bit inconvenient here but I will try to :-/ Although I'm sure the target group it is aiming for, will understand it at once! These spreadsheet ads were published this month in Argentina for Hombre Men's Magazine with both pages glued together. This fact forced the readers to tear them apart, having as a result white "teared" spots left on both pages. You can see this result on the ads posted above. I know it is somehow gross, but it's also a very original idea and after all, having such an experience is something you just can't forget. Personally i would feel disgusted seeing and holding these ads in my hands, but I'm sure it would make me laugh after the first shock. Now, I don't really have to say what this glue used here, is supposed to be, do I? Let's just say that it reminds you your early ages, when you were sneaking into your older brothers bedroom, discovering his porno-mag under his mattress... Don't worry, it's fine, as long as you didn't forget it in the bathroom ;-) The line is nice and it claims: "Hombre magazine. That's us." Sounds good, like "take it or leave it" It's just human nature anyway!

P.S: Incase you guys are wondering, the girls names are: "Wanda", "Evangelina", "Jessica" & "Sabrina".

Client: Editorial Perfil / Hombre Magazine
Agency: Leo Burnett, Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Pablo Capara / Sebastian Olivieri
Copywriter: Carolina Mendez
Art Director: Diego Salas

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Monday, December 10, 2007

The roof is on fire!

Another self promo ad that is done in Thailand. When I saw this I could swear it has not been retouched at all (that was of course before I read the credits). I thought it was pure photography, showing the real pencil with a hole in its head, were smoke was actually really coming out of it. I never believed I can be tricked like that. Now speaking about the concept, I must say that it doesn't feel as a very original idea, but I like the execution very much and the way it looks, reminding you a still smoking volcano, when all it wants to say is that their pencils are on fire. A good creative symbolism in the matter of speaking.

Asatsu Thailand
Agency: Asatsu, Bangkok
Copywriter: Somboon Wongsuttilert
Art Director: Romerun Chueawongprom
Retoucher: Presto Bangkok
Typographer: Presto Bangkok

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Oh, Christmas tree...

This is a couple of years old I believe, and probably most of you have already seen it before, but I thought it's good to put it on as I like the way it is made although it is considered a bit "oldie". It's a self-promo ad done by Publicis in Singapore, showing a Christmas tree made out of the pencil's sharpening, wishing Season's Greetings to their clients. It still looks creative though.
I'll try doing that with my pencil also ;-)

Client: Publicis Singapore
Agency: Publicis, Singapore
Creative Director: Rodd Chant
Art Director: Chong Weilun

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

With a little help from my friends...

This campaign was made by TBWA in China for adidas, an official supporter for the 2008 Olympic games that will take place in Beijing. The copy translated in English reads: "With a little help from the fans". The ads here show four different Olympic sports supported from the sports-fans and looking like they are giving a helping hand to the athletes. What they really want to say I believe, is that the fans have really got into this, enjoying it as much as if they were taking place in the games themselves. The art direction is very interesting and comes out very artistic, with the combination of photography and illustrations together. It really looks like "China"... specially with all that large population shown in them! But still comes out very delicate, with the use of this technique and choice of colours.

Client: Adidas
Agency: TBWA, Shanghai
Creative Director: Yang Yeo / Elvis Chau / Sarawut Hengsawad / Lesley Zhou / John Merrifield
Copywriter: Leslsy Zhou / Sarawut Hengsawad / Nicky Zhang / Michelle Wu
Photgrapher: Mark Zibert
Illustrator: Luming / Lance Ma

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Xmas is all around...

Have you seen the 2003 movie "Love actually"?... It's definitely among my Christmas favourites, with "It's a wonderful life" done in 1946 by Frank Capra on the top of my list.
I loved the story going on in Love actually (the characters are very well done) along with its music. If you've seen it you must remember the song "Christmas is all around" sang by Bill Nighy, that was playing the character of Billy Mack, an old "looser" punk-rock singer, that readjusted the "Love is all around" song, first sang by the Troggs and later by Wet-wet-wet. Billy mack tried to make a big hit out of this song, converting it into a Xmas version :-)
So, If you haven't, go find it in your nearest local DVD store. I'm sure you'll love it too. It's a "must see" movie for these days. Advert eyes will try to catch up with the spirit of these days too. Starting from next week, I'll be posting up some Xmas season's ads, just to celebrate and remind us all that it's always good to feel as a kid once in a while ;-)
(I always do by the way).
So feel free to send me in all your Christmas specials :-)

P.S: Enjoy this "weird" Xmas song :-)
Photo by: Richard Sweet

A beer called Stella & the true heroes

Beautiful art direction and copy-writing is done in this campaign for Stella Artois Beer, made in Sweden! It looks like movie's overproduction poster :-) What it says and shows, is that people in Leuven (an old Flemish duchy in centre Belgium) back in the year 1366, believed in some bad omens and became superstitious about them. Therefore, when they were out to brew the best beer, they had to deal with great dangers! But that was not really a problem for these heroic people. Defying all warnings, they sacrificed themselves and finally brought to us the perfect beer! I liked it very much so I'm setting-out the copy from the first ad posted here. Check out the others too...

"Welcome to 1366. Over 600 years ago, people saw the world with different eyes. The risk of falling of the end of the world was an ever-present danger. So when the people of Leuven set out to brew the perfect beer, their long journeys to find the finest hops were considered an act o bravery. We still believe today what they believed back then. Perfection has its price."

Client: Stella Artois
Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm
Creative Director: Matthew Bull
Copywriter: Hakan Engler / Johan Holmstrom / Mats Brun
Art Director: Rickard Villard / Tim Scheibel / Johan Tesch / Kalle dos Santos
Illustrator: matte painter
Photographer: Jean-Marie Vives

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Catch a Brain-Wave ;-)

Dextro Energy is a product that gives you a high physical and mental performance as it promises! "Brawn for your brain" says the copy, by showing a human brain reconstructed by muscles. The visual is giving the idea and it's easy enough to get, but I'm not sure the digital touching is perfect, some parts could be made better I believe, but that's just a detail.
Maybe we should try Dextro just before a critical brainstorming! ;-)

Dextro Energy
Agency: Kempertrautmann gmbh, Hamburg
Creative Director: Jens Theil / Gerrit Zinke
Copywriter: Michael Gotz

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Krypto the Superdog!

A simple smart and straight idea coming from Austria, where we see a dog here trying to hide his bone, but instead of choosing an dirt earth ground to dig, he starts digging on the first surface available! Now if that turns out to be an asphalt road... that's no big deal. This dog is strong enough to dig anywhere, cause he's grown with Pedigree. As the copy also claims: "For strong dogs". Made my lips draw a smile :-)

Agency: TBWA, Vienna
Creative Director: Robert Wohlgemuth / Gerd Turetschek / Elli Hummer
Copywriter: Karin Schalko
Art Director: Jeff Stenzenberger
Photographer: Andreas Franke
Illustrator: Fanni Kovacs

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Spice up your life ;-)

A French campaign for Suzi Wan Spicy Sauce done by CLM BBDO. 3 lovely ads showing 3 different face expressions that seem to have problems from this hot sauce. The first one has a running nose, the second is sweating and the third is crying. You have to look carefully to see all this happening, cause at first sight, they just look as Eastern symbols or letters done on some sort of white rice-paper. :-) The art direction is beautiful and so are the illustrations. They really refer to the origin of the product. "Très bien"!

Client: Suzi Wan Sauce
Agency: CLM BBDO, Paris
Creative Director: Gilles Fichteberg / Jean-Francois Sacco
Copywriter: Laurent Laporte
Art Director: Sophian Bouadjera
Illustrator: Sophian Bouadjera

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

I got the blues for you...

An ad made about global warming. The copy reads: "Global warming. If we don’t act now, the future looks blue". I actually like that line. The ad is not bad at all. It shows the planet turning blue, covered by water with no land parts at all. This is the second attempt Siju sent me and looks better than the previous in my opinion. (I was told to take the previous down, due to some technical reasons). Good thinking there, I guess it works.

Client: Public Interest
Agency: BHADRA Communications, Bangalore
Creative Director: Satya P R
Copywriter: Dominic
Art Director: Siju S Nair

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Love in a Bus-Stop

The way I see it, Sweden is doing very well in advertising lately. I found this outdoor very tasty and interesting. Haven't seen it done before in this way. As long as it is daytime, all you see is a typical soft drink ad showing the pack-shot and the logo... but when night arrives, it becomes more interesting and unique, making it a true guerrilla one :-) A second hidden light effect, makes a shadow of two persons become visible and makes you think that they are having some love-moments behind the ad, while waiting for that bus to arrive. Must be a big surprise to find out that no-one is actually there! It's also possible that you wouldn't approach that bus stop, if you are a discreet person and don't want to spoil their moment ;-) Very good use of media!

MER Softdrink
Agency: Storakers McCann, Stockholm
Copywriter: Mia Cederberg
Art Director: Mitte Blomqvist
Photographer: Ragnhild Fors / Folio Management

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