Monday, March 3, 2008

The fugitive!

I like the idea in this ad. What it claims is that Gas Station attendants welcome the smart fortwo cdi car, but what it really means is that they will hate you for having one and wait for you right behind the corner ;-) The direction of this ad is nicely made showing the angry gas station guys ready to get you, for not pumping enough gas in your smart car! I guess it must really be a very economic one... but again in this case, it should be the owners of the station getting mad and not the attendants ;-) If you are a smart owner, just send your friend once in a while to fill up a few containers for you... they should be enough to tour Europe ;-)

Client: Smart
Agency: BBDO Duesseldorf
Creative Director: Ton Hollander
Copywriter: Christian Ole Puls / Markus Steinkemper
Art Director: Kai Gerken / Nicole Höfer
Photographer: Klaus Merz
Typographer: Dominic Speck

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