Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The good "Virus"

ebb&flow™ in London helps Alicia Keys release a so called "virus" for ground breaking charity "Keep A Child Alive". A charity providing urgent response to the Aids pandemic ravaging Africa. The charity's work will offer people in the UK the opportunity to provide lifesaving antiretroviral (ARV) medicine and support services directly to children and families living with HIV & AIDS. The campaign posters were launched on February 28th 2008, at Alicia Keys concert in Birmingham and will be followed by the 02 Arena in London. Using the slogan: "Let's start a virus to end a virus". It prompts people to donate by sending a text message "Alive" to 82540 and also forward the message to others as if it was a "Virus". These posters will be deployed at all venues on Alicia’s UK tour. The whole campaign is also supported by the micro-website:, with vital information and plenty of downloads to pass on via bluetooth. This viral marketing Idea of engagement through Bluetooth Activism seems pretty cool, making young people mostly, instantly react and spread the word around. Looks like it's gonna work well, as long as there will be a big audience in these concerts ;-)

Client: Keep A Child Alive
Agency: ebb&flow™, London
Creative Director: Jon Daniel
Photographer: Thierry Le Goues

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