Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Needles and Pins...

A Campaign done for an after-shave product, specialized in dark-skinned people in South Africa. One for women and one for men. The ads compare the after shaving effect with insect bites and feeling on your skin, showing a spider under a woman's armpit and ants on a man's face, both meant to be the "hairy" part on the skin... something you don't feel when you use this product ;-) The copy on the pack shot reads: "After shave care for waxed and shaved skin. Fino Soothe". I'd say it's good!

Client: Fino
Agency: TBWA / Hunt / Lascaris, Johanesburg
Copywriter: Jonathan Smith
Art Director: Lapeace Kakaza
Illustrator: Rob Frew
Photographer: Jason Robinson

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