Monday, March 3, 2008

Planet of the Apes 2008

This ad was made for a local business newspaper in Thailand that launched a website "". The copy claims here: "Keep up or get left behind". Although the concept looks maybe like a first idea and done for different products in the past (The "ape-man" scenario, that doesn't understand much about new technology and life style), I still think it is well made having a nice sense of humor, worth sharing it :-). A similar concept was running also on TV here, for a new broadband service just a while ago.

Agency: Ongoing, Bangkok
Creative Director: Pijarinee Kamolyabutr / Theerapol Koomsorn
Art Director: Pakkapong Veerapattananirund
Copywriter: Nattavut Leekulpitak / Winai Kitcharoen

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