Monday, March 10, 2008

Work to live or Live to work?

Well you know what they say... If you don't admit you're alcoholic, then you probably are! This campaign was done in UK for, which is pretty clear what they do ;-) This issue I believe concerns most of us in the field, as we all know (but hardly admit) working in advertising takes most of your life away! I also know that we all like to call this a "thrilling" job, a work that we mostly enjoy treating it as a "hobby" and I also am sure that most chief creatives won't like what I am talking about here (including mine) ;-) The truth is that important things in our lives just pass away, since we still live in the world of make believe, trying to make others to believe too :-) I know I shouldn't be saying these stuff, but I just can't help it... Our job IS really great (and so is everybody's else no matter what) we all participate in making the world turn, in a very important way I must say, but think a bit after seeing this "copy based" campaign and think twice after seeing the last one! Don't need to say more do I?
If you're among those people that are thinking "what the heck" I'm talking about... seek some help immediately... *What the heck am I really talking about?!*

Client: Recovering Workaholics
Agency: The Gate, London
Copywriter: Paul Alderman
Art Director: Paul Alderman / Paul Anderson
Typographer: Paul Alderman / Jonathan Madden

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Ria said...

are these images copy written?