Monday, April 14, 2008

Bad bikes running wild!

So I suppose this blog must keep going on, along with my thoughts, and along with my good and bad moments too... Alot of friends sent me ads for posting these days, but as you can understand it was impossible to post. I will try to follow up and put up the ones I like most at least.
Here is an ad that has arrived some days ago. I like the funny visual but I don't like very much the retouching here, as you can easily distinguish as fake. I think the lighting of the animals is pretty wrong also, but the idea is nice... an off road bike giving a performance for the "wild life", allowing man and nature to trade places. The copy reads: "Definitely not the same landscape" Nice thinking for a bike ad.

Yamaha WR250R
Agency: 1861 United, Milan
Creative Director: Vincenzo Gasbarro / Federico Ghiso
Copywriter: Mario Esposito
Art Director: Christian Longhi
Photographer: Winkler + Noah

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