Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Big-Bang

How good can it be to show 3 different type of knock-outs to advertise a sleeping pill product? I really wonder! I thought it it supposed to relax you and feel calm, making you sleep peacefully (that should be its strong advantage). Communicating it as a big-bang on your head, just doesn't feel right... that is what can make you wake up with an awful headache I guess. Hm... am I wrong? I understand the point here is the "instantly sleeping" method, but still, doesn't really convince me :-/ I like the illustrations and the direction though and maybe it does work for some of you after all.... who knows? ;-)

GlaxoSmithKline / Sominex
Agency: Publicis U.S.A., Dallas
Creative Director: Eric Moncaleano
Copywriter: Steve Grimes
Art Director: Dolph Kawalec
Illustrator: Clive Biley
Photographer: John Parker

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