Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Break on through to the other side...

Berlitz foreign language school has always communicated with brilliant campaigns in the past (as much as I can recall). Here is a different way of doing it by DDB in Germany... Using beautiful visuals of barriers made by the language word and showing people behind them in the cultural country's way (France, Sweden and China) they incite us to "break the language barrier" as the copy claims, and move on to another level of language learning, by entering their country (probably from the sea side) ;-)
I loved the art style these ads are made of. The "plant" detail in all three of them is a plus in my opinion. I believe they look emotional enough as they should.

Agency: DDB, Dusseldorf
Creative Director: Alexander Reiss / Heiko Freyland
Copywriter: Shahir Sirry
Art Director: Alexander Reiss
Illustrator: Maren Esdar

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