Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mainlands or Islands?

Siju from India sent this campaign in. Not quite a "new" way of thinking I might say, as the first thing that comes to your mind after thinking "global warming" is a sinked landscape! I believe this topic is already overdone, as I can recall several showing the statue of liberty under water! "Stop global warming. Save the world from becoming an island" is what the copy on this campaign claims, showing all five mainlands of our planet, turned into Islands... I will ask now... why 5 almost same island images? it seems meaningless. I mean take these 5 images and switch them, using the copy from the other ads... any difference? Should use at least some of the mainland's characteristics to make them more unique. But I do admit, it does look interesting :-)

Client: Bhadra Communications / Public Interest
Agency: Bhadra Communications, Bangalore
Creative Director: Satya P R
Copywriter: Satya P R
Art Director: Siju S Nair

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