Friday, February 29, 2008

A users best friend...

Copy: "If Formula One were a PC. Macs never require pit stops. No rebooting, no hassles and no hiccups when connecting new peripherals. No pain. More gain with Mac."

Copy: "If your girlfriend were a PC. A Mac turns heads for the right reasons. Sculpted surfaces, gorgeous graphics - it's always perfect eye candy. No pain. More gain with Mac."

Copy: "If your pet were a PC. You'll never have to train a Mac to give you the right kind of leg up with an OS upgrade. No pain. More gain with Mac."

I was surprised to see a new "print" ad campaign for Apple (Not really used to them). This is a different approach to the "I am a mac" campaign, this time done in Dubai. I like the design that seems to be following the minimal Mac style (although more fresh). A bit aggressive? I don't really know, but it sure is teasing. Can't say if it will work either, but I will totally agree with the copy used... everything goes smooth, easy and "noiseless" (I'm sure all you mac users understand that). I like it, Thanks San for Sharing it :-)

Client: IMC ME / Apple
Agency: Intermarkets, Dubai
Creative Director: Clive Sorel

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Enter... (If you can find your way through)

Here is another ad again for a door lock and again done by the same agency... Ongoing in Thailand. Now I know many of you will think "oh no, another maze ad", but before you do think if you have seen something similar for a security system. ;-) After all mazes are made to make our life harder to get through someplace, so probably a door lock ad is the best use of it! If you cannot say easily what the visual is, well it is an aluminum round door handle that is sliced in the middle, letting the maze inside it show, obviously meaning how tough it is going through the doors using Skulthai United locks. You think it is too forced? I don't really think so.

Client: Skulthai United Locks
Agency: Ongoing, Bangkok
Creative Directors: Pijarinee Kamolyabutr / Theerapol Koomsorn
Copywriter: Taveewong Prasopsan
Art Director: Tara Deetae

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"Expensive. . . for many reasons", is the copy written in this ad made in Thailand. The visual has a door handle-lock with a tag on it showing its price and also how much you save, mentioned on it... What they mean by "save" is not the price from another lock, but all the items you can keep in your home safe, without worrying that someone can steal them! Simple as that but giving the message well.

Client: Schlage
Ongoing, Bangkok
Creative Director:
Pijarinee Kamolyabutr / Theerapol Koomsorn
Art Director: Wasin Pothikasem

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Make it loud

This campaign was done in Hungary to promote a concert for human rights organized by Amnesty International. The ads show three country leaders that play a very important role for the planet's future and are not considered as very "right" ones for many of the world's population. We see US president George Bush, North Koreas leader Kim Jong II and Robert Mugabe dictator of Zimbabwe. All three of them seem not to pay attention to human rights and for that reason they are shown closing their ears and actually not listening to people's rights! This is a nice ambiguous way to show that the ears are also closed because of the noise made in the concert for the same reason. The copy claims: "Make some noise for human rights".

Client: Amnesty International
DDB, Budapest
Creative Director: Milos Ilic
Copywriter: Lukasz Brzozowski
Art Director: Lukasz Brzozowski
Photographer: Gabor Mate

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Need a face lift?

We have seen these sort of concepts about original parts or original services more than often as i have mentioned before. Usually these ads show a mixture of two different things that just don't fit together, but this one here is certainly different. By showing some bad results from people that had plastic surgeries, they are telling us that only the creators of a product know how to fix it properly. Maybe meaning god in these examples (I don't think it means the parents) ;-) The copy reads exactly: "If it's not fixed by the one who made it, it probably won't work. Nobody knows better your Chevrolet than its creators." Good visual work and idea coming from Argentina.

Client: Chevrolet
Agency: McCann Erickson, Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Papon Ricciarelli / Chavo Demilio
Copywriter: Rodrigo Polignano
Art Director: Mariano Legname

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Cook (the) Book

A beautiful creative direction made in Croatia, for Podravka annual report with the title "Well done". This publication looks rather exclusive, expensive and time consuming to get in all this trouble to make it, but I'm sure it pays off well :-) The trick is to bake the small book hidden inside in the oven for 25 minutes at 100 degrees, so the text recipes and pictures show up!.. It's made from some sort of invisible ink that only appears in heat. Directions are given so you won't overcook it ;-). If you really want to know Podravka's secret recipes you have to become a cook yourself for a start... Now if that isn't interesting I don't know what is! Really cool.

Client: Podravka Annual Report
Agency: Bruketa & Zinic Om, Zagreb
Creative Director: Davor Bruketa / Nikola Zinic
Copywriter: Davor Bruketa / Nikola Zinic / Teo Tarabaric / Lana Cavar
Art Director: Davor Bruketa / Nikola Zinic / Imelda Ramovic / Mirel Hadzijusufovic
Photographer: Nikola Wolf
Illustrator: Tomislav Tomic

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sticky fingers

Nice visual done for this ad in France, showing how good the basket ball is gripping on the player's finger... instead of just spinning around it! The copy made in an interesting typography way says: "Tarmak. The ultra gripping ball.". I'm sure never gonna try this trick with one of these balls!

Client: Kipsta
Agency: Y&R, Paris
Copywriter: Josselin Pacreau
Art Director: Sebastien Guinet
Photographer: Oliver Rheindorf
Illustrator: Sebastien Guinet
Typographer: Sebastien Guinet

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't fear the reaper...

At first I thought this was the same idea as many others going around lately... trying to show how a perfect world should be... a sort of a "what if" style, but it's not exactly that. This is just somebody's dreams and they all are totally different between them. I sort of like them. The first one (and best in my opinion) is trying to win the reaper on the ring, just to become immortal, the second guy is just wanting to become a rock star, the third guy is dreaming probably of a better world, trying to bring down pollution with a bowling ball... and I guess the last one is every guy's dream... to find all these beautiful ladies on the road asking for a ride ;-) The copy claims: "I have a dream". Nice art and photography for Meltin Pot Jeans coming from Italy.

Client: MeltinPot Jeans
Armando Testa, Turin
Creative Director: Michele Mariani
Copywriter: Dario Digeronimo / Maria Meioli
Art Director: Luca Cortesini / Laura Sironi
Photographer: Riccardo Bagnoli

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Golf RSI :-)

Audi ads have got us used to this style of advertising. They often show a symbolic visual of four rings referred to their logo, like the way these four golf balls are in a row, wanting to talk about how fast the car goes, probably like the VW Golf RSI Powered by Audi. The idea here is not so great I guess, but the concept comes out rather nice. The copy claims: "Golf powered by Audi. Audi quattro cup 2008."

Client: Audi
Agency: DDB, Milan
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Copywriter: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Hugo Gallardo

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Can't learn an old dog new tricks ;-)

Living room...

Bed room...

A sort of a different way to advertise...  Here are two ads consisted by two double page spreads each one. A kind of a teaser that shows two different rooms, remade in a totally different but much more beautiful way, without making the owners of them change their habits! The copy reads: "Our free interior architect refines your home. Not your habits. Make an appointment on" Found it very interesting :-)

Client: Villa Arena
Agency: Publicis, Amsterdam
Copywriter: Arnout Robber
Art Director: Paul Wage-maker
Photographer: Eddo Hartmann

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fat boomerang...

This is a nice way to advertise a fit center like Weight Watchers. A guerrilla ad in the shape of a Boomerang looking like a long piece of bacon, to communicate that it's not so easy to get rid of fat... it returns to you if you don't really hit your target ;-) The copy translated in English reads: "Would you prefer it if the fat didn't come back? Weight Watchers. Get it off and keep it off."It looks a bit disgusting as a boomerang, so I guess it might work... if somebody passed it over to me I would sure want to throw it away for good!.. I'd prefer an authentic aboriginal one instead :-)

Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp
Client: Weight Watchers
Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson / Dirk Domen
Copywriter: Kristof Snels
Art Director: Sebastien De Valck
Retoucher: wim sels

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At last I took a "bite" of that apple!

I could go ahead and write a ton of things about apple, but I guess everybody else does that in the net anyway... So what I will do is tell my story in just a few words. As you might guess I was familiar with macs, since I worked with them for ages in my field, but I never actually owned one as a personal computer (sorry as a "mac"). This year, along with other changes in my life, I finally decided to personally "go mac". I just couldn't wait for my new 24'' iMac to arrive, since I fell in love with it from the moment I first saw it (this reminds me a parody ad i saw in you tube, where a girl is singing to a mac James Blunt's song: "your beautiful") and as my friend San said, it is really amazing how many parodies come out in such a short time. Especially the "I am a mac" ones. The simplicity and the design of the new "i" just made my jaws drop and my heart beat faster. I am already working for some days with it and I can say I am very pleased and amazed. This was the reason that after a short period I couldn't resist to the new "iPhone" also :-) So as you see I have switched to mac for good! All I wanted to say to dear Apple is this: I am very sorry for not choosing you before so please forgive me. Now I know and I AM a believer, as your latest campaign says for both iMac and iPhone... yes, seeing is believing and also is touching :-) Two ads are posted here to show both and also a comparison between iMac and Dell PC, the way apple shows it in their site. Yep it is a big difference in many things, that you probably are all familiar with already so I won't start that war now ;-) Worth mentioning is the packaging design of the new iPhone. I absolutely loved it. The most beautiful "black box" I ever saw! If there is one thing Apple knows good that is design of course, so as a designer myself, they surely won my heart. So a new OS upgrade took place for advert-eyes, and that is Mac OSX Leopard :-)

Photographer: Peter Belanger (imac Photos)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cover me up

A beautifull example of simplicity designing for Levi's Laser Art made in Japan... a country that knows well about this sort of art specialized in "ornaments". So if you need more space on your tattooed body, Levi's laser art can keep you covered, as the copy also claims here ;-)

Client: Levi's
Agency: BBH, Tokyo
Copywriter: Graham Kelly / Satoko Takada
Art Director: Yohey Adachi
Photographer: Simon Harsent
Typographer: Yohey Adachi

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Friday, February 8, 2008

"V" for Vote!

These two Axe ads here, appeared on Super Tuesday's (the presidential primary elections in U.S.) free sheets in Chicago and New York. A funny sort of campaign showing Hillary supporting Obama and McCain! Obviously because they both use the same deodorant (Axe) that she (seems like) is very attractive to!.. Good going. You made me laugh :-)

Client: Unilever / Axe
Agency: BBH, New York
Creative Director: Rosie Arnold / Adrian Rossi / Alex Grieve / Pelle Sjoenell / Calle Sjoenell

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No need to get "Nailed"

Simple as can be but with a very good idea in it, coming not very far from here... just a couple of blocks around, from our next door country Serbia :-) What we see here is a nail on the wall (quite simple)... now to be sure we won't get mixed up trying to figure out why this is so special, the other half piece of the nail (that we don't see and think it is inside the wall) is shown on the bottom right of the ad, next to the logo. Easily that way, we can come to the conclusion that the nail is not actually "nailed" in the wall, but glued on it! Works fine, giving the impression that although the surface glued is small, it looks very strong, since somebody's gonna hang something heavy on it. Good work Djordje, I like it :-)

Client: Pattex Glue
Agency: Incognito, Belgrade
Art Director: Djordje Djukanovic

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Black & white beauty

Very artistic way of seeing a fruit... Especially when made by black and white photography :-) A campaign of three, done for some sort of Supermarket chain in Germany called Globus, showing nothing more than fruits posing in the most sexy way they could! They all have a female personality followed by a female name of course. The last girl has an original fruit name by the way, since Chiquita banana's really do exist (but never heard of the other two).

Client: Globus
Agency: Ogilvy, Frankfurt
Creative Director: Gregor Seitz / Wolfgang Zimmerer
Copywriter: Marc Oehlcke
Art Director: Daniel Schweinzer
Photographer: Jo Bacherl

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